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August 22, 2018 21:01

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Depends on the country ranking. Top countries is x12 player value and then it drops the lower the rank.

Your best bet is finding players aged 18/19 who are very good but have a small value of 1.5/2 million.

Cost you about 20million on average but most will hopefully, turn out to be good players.


August 19, 2018 09:35

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Yeah that’s true, some B players are better but I don’t think all managers get that. I would prefer the claaa to be hidden, makes my team look worse with B players! Haha

I’m not completely set against the class showing, it’s fine, it’s just personally I’d like to see it gone or hidden.


August 19, 2018 07:44

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Hi, can we remove player class? It makes the game too easy and now no top team will have a “B” player because they aren’t good enough and it’s easy to spot they aren’t good players.

Just my preference but I think the game was better before classes


August 02, 2018 06:41

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I actually refuse to buy players with the use more stamina per match trait, unless it’s on a free.


August 02, 2018 06:40

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I think the offer should go straight to the manager to accept or decline, then if he declines but the offer is so high the board steps in and accepts/it agrees with manager (maybe could do with the % the board think is doing a good job, the higher the percent the more likely board will agree with manager)


July 17, 2018 21:03

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I’m having no issues at all. What browser are you using?


May 25, 2018 17:35

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Congratulations! Modena plays with no strikers! Crazy.


May 20, 2018 09:01

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Hi, after all the free transfers lately I notice teams are just giving average C/B class players 200k a week to get them into their clubs. If the player isn’t deemed good enough he can be sold on for 20+ million to computer teams. This needs addressed so everyone can give a fair wage they believe to appropriate.

No club should want to buy a B player with 200k a week wages.


May 19, 2018 06:31

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I’m fine having player class on profiles but when I’m looking for players I don’t look at class! Just abilities.

Thanks :)


May 18, 2018 10:40

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Can I have an option to remove player class from transfer list please? It’s taking my focus off the attributes and onto their class only.


May 02, 2018 07:48

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That sounds like a good enough idea, I personally would just like to be make players from say MR into MC or ML. The problem with changing position toDM or AM is teams would have no players that are just standard positions


May 01, 2018 21:06

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I’ve mentioned this before and I agree. It would be a good way for the game developers to make more income too.


April 08, 2018 08:02

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Probably the wrong place but I agree, some players that are 36 but S class sell for 60+ million.


March 09, 2018 05:19

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Ah of course! Never thought of that, thanks


March 08, 2018 14:52

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Hi, I was checking how some of my loan players were getting on and i clicked on Fernando Hierro. When i went into the match report it said he had not played in the last match but when i checked his profile he had no missed matches. Is this a bug or am i getting confused? lol Its making me doubt myself.


February 23, 2018 12:41

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haha he didnt even get into the Premier league team of the season! That honor went to Carlo Oreo!


January 29, 2018 12:56

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Hi, I’ve been watching a few clubs now get very good players on the new free transfers system then wait 75 turns and listing them for 20-30million and selling them. This is a far too simple way to earn money, massive money. It needs to be addressed before some clubs have billions in the bank.


January 12, 2018 22:06

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Set it all up and then a player got injured before I got online and he played the full game again! Haha.


January 12, 2018 12:52

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Ive never noticed this before! Ive set it up now and ill see if it works. A Button on the player profile would be easier still but thanks Dirk!


January 11, 2018 19:57

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Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to add an option on the players profile to sit out matches until being told to play again.

My reason being my best defender has the brilliant ‘used more stamina per match’ ability. I subbed him out to get a break but another one of my defenders happened to get injured in the 9th minute. What happens? Yes you guessed it, my knackered best defender comes on and uses more stamina in a game.

Any ideas would be welcome


January 08, 2018 09:57

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Yeah friendlier are pointless now, I only accept before the start and end of the season.


December 19, 2017 17:37

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Can we change the average rating to players that have played at least 9/10 matches? When you go into it and look at Top Scorers and Assists in any country it can be misleading as some players have played 2 matches and have ratings of 9.0.


December 16, 2017 07:12

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I’ve wasted 60 on such players! Lol, I hate when keepers have bad at saving penalty kicks, keeper becomes useless then to me.


December 04, 2017 21:22

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It would be excellent!


November 28, 2017 08:56

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I agree, there is no need for negative traits just keep players as they are or positive traits


November 24, 2017 06:28

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Not sure about that option, it would feel friendly managers could easily just swap with each other and work together to build great teams.


November 23, 2017 06:17

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I can see the logic behind the 6 turns. I was thinking that the more players that got bought/moved clubs then more better players human clubs would be willing to sell. The most fun part about the game is buying/selling. There isnt enough of that going on for me, clubs only sell the old players for inflated prices.


November 21, 2017 09:47

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Hi, I seem to be the master at not getting any players to move to my club! I was thinking maybe reduce the waiting time from 6 turns to 3/4 turns before i can bid on another player?
Ive bid 80million recently for players with potential and still getting rebuffed.


October 09, 2017 16:13

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The best players should want to play for the best teams. There are of course exceptions. Players 32 or older could potentially drop to a smaller league. I’m not 100% how the new system will work but I’m willing to try it


October 08, 2017 09:30

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Good idea! I would just match my kit to the real life ones anyway. Keep up the good work!