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Argentina's Cup Final

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October 02, 2018 21:14

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1 min: The referee shows Cadoret (a) a red card.
14 min: The referee shows Brasas (a) a yellow card.
20 min: Gorría (h) scores
27 min: Batistuta (h) scores (header)
44 min: The referee shows Maurício (h) a yellow card.
68 min: Gorría (h) scores

First minute a red card for my player.
No penalti, no fault, nothing,
Far from reality this report.


October 03, 2018 04:33

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If you look at the commentary tab you will see the details:

1 min: Cáceres (a) fails to tackle Batistuta (h). Batistuta (h) runs with the ball. Batistuta (h) passes the ball to Benzema (h). Cadoret (a) tackles Benzema (h). Foul. The referee shows Cadoret (a) a red card


October 03, 2018 08:33

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Yeah could just be a bad tackle? Can get sent off for that at any time.

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