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06 Sep 11:13

CPU teams were not bidding for some star players because they were not taking the stars into account while evaluating the player’s wage and were considering it to be too high. This has now been fixed, so hopefully your star players will start getting the usual offers.

In addition to that I have fixed some grammar mistakes throughout. Please feel free to contact me in-game if you spot additional things to be fixed in that area.

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04 Sep 11:32

You can now see the exact value for bonuses and penalties from player traits when looking at your own players, loaned players currently in your club and players for which you have a scout report. The information is visible between parenthesis beside the trait text both in the player info screen as well as the team players traits screen. The values apply to all player skills in the matches where the traits are activated.

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23 Aug 22:37

We have added a new player trait to give bonus/penalty when playing against same class teams. Any player yet to develop a trait can acquire this new one, not only the ones generated after the change.

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