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19 Jul 11:56

After the last league match, the following will happen to a team which has been relegated from the bottom league of a country:

  • Any friendlies scheduled for the remainder of the season will get cancelled
  • The manager will be fired
  • The team will not accept any job applications
  • All players will be transfer listed with a waiting period of 6 turns for the transfer to be concluded

The last item is the real change here. Currently the players from inactive teams are released for free throughout the season, which became an easy source of money for the already richer teams. By selling the players instead of making them available for free we reduce this advantage. Any players not sold before the season tick will still be released for free at some point in the following season.

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05 Jul 03:10

RubySoccer is now named Goal FC (Goal Football Club). We have a new website, the technology stack received a massive upgrade, the whole site is now encrypted, etc.
This is an important move for the game’s future, but bear with us while we complete the re-branding (there’s still lots of references to the old name and logo across the whole site!).

As always, enjoy!

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20 May 12:45

When you are trying to hire players from the market you will not get the “not interested” messages anymore, they will always listen to your offer first. Similarly we have removed the exclusive negotiation (priority indicator) when one or some teams had exclusive offer evaluation by some players and could sometimes win disputes with very low salaries.

Both these things were based on the player negotiation priority profile, which is still in place and will have a weight in the player decision, but now we have removed the two extremes where the player either completely ignores a team/manager or gives him exclusivity.

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