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12 Oct 21:12

In the formation screen you can now see the next match information at the top, including which formation is currently assigned to it. Hopefully this can act as a reminder of what is your next match and whether the formation you are editing is the one assigned to that match.

There is also a brand new League Ranking screen where you can see the game’s calculated strength for each league, corresponding class and number of managers in it. Using the filter at the top you are able to see this info for top divisions only if you’d like.

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30 Sep 11:42

We have just introduced player notes, which are nothing more than some free text you can write about your players to act as a reminder of something you consider relevant or important about them. In order to simplify the launch of the feature for now you are only allowed to write one short note (255 characters) for each of your own players and they will only be visible to you. Later on we plan to extend this by adding public notes and/or maybe allowing you to write private notes about players you don’t own.

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06 Sep 11:13

CPU teams were not bidding for some star players because they were not taking the stars into account while evaluating the player’s wage and were considering it to be too high. This has now been fixed, so hopefully your star players will start getting the usual offers.

In addition to that I have fixed some grammar mistakes throughout. Please feel free to contact me in-game if you spot additional things to be fixed in that area.

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