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August 17, 2018 04:18

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I think the solution is make it “Play matches for a an A or B class team.” Other wise you just lump every team in a particular country into being not good enough to develop players.

Playing for a first placed team is not the same as playing for a last placed team. Painting an entire country with a wide brush I think is a bad idea.

If it was “they must play for a higher class of team” then it would make sense to loan them out for a bit, and then when your team improves to a or b or c then you get rewarded with players that improve more often.

Likee a simple reward system. And an easy way to get players loaned out to many more teams and leagues. And might actually encourage managers to play in other countries.

Not trying to exaggerate, just trying to stimulate the conversation, and maybe the competition.


August 17, 2018 03:48

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Exaggerations apart, I do believe you have a valid point here. I’ll make sure we have an item in our backlog to review this sooner rather than later, as it will take some time for any changes incorporated to newly generated players (such as this one would be) to become the new normal. I think some time ago we’ve introduced different little things to make it more challenging to manage “smaller” clubs, but this would actually affect big clubs in lower ranked countries, which shouldn’t be the case necessarily (or at least should be less common).


August 17, 2018 02:00

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Something should enable a manager to not have to loan out 8-10 players every season to to develop them a bit. It’s insane. A class players in real life don’t do a quick stint at Real Madrid on loan and then return to their club as World Class. It’s unreasonable.

It’s frustrating that the top clubs have a monopoly on not having to loan out half their squad. Then on top of that they get fully developed players. If anything higher classes of clubs tend to loan out prospects to lower level teams so they get playing time. Not the other way around. It’s completely backwards.

Half the fun of the old game was being able to pick up a team in any league and work hard at developing, subbing, winning matches and ultimately making it a world class club. That’s how the game grew.

As it stands right now you MUST play in the top 3 leagues or you’re just playing “Loan Simulator 2018.” Your team wins its league national cup. Rinse, repeat. That’s not how to get excited about a game.


August 17, 2018 00:08

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Being in Sweden at the moment I can definitely understand where you’re coming from, but I’m quite used to loaning out my players to better countries to get them fully developed. We could spend some time coming up with more realistic steps or as an alternative allow players to improve playing matches where they are, though at a slower pace. What do you think?


August 16, 2018 22:35

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“This player needs to play for a team in the top 3 countries or in a country that is at least 3 positions above his home country.”

So pretty much if you WANT to play in a nation outside the top 3 you’re condemned to being bad, always. This “Next Step” pops up all too often and basically turns the game into “Loan Manager” where the leagues with the most managers stay superior at all times unless you’re willing to loan out your players who have stopped progressing.

I’m probably in the minority, since most people in Fast Ticker play in either Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, Argentinian or Belgian leagues and they’re quite happy to keep dominating.

No other league will ever be top 5 without half a dozen good managers moving to a different, lower nation.

As a manager in France in Fast Ticker my options are:

1. Loan out my good players to higher leagues and get ultra bored managing loaned players (not realistic)
2. Don’t loan them to higher leagues and watch them never grow and therefore I fail early in international cups
3. Get forced to resign and hire on at a team in the top 3/4 leagues

No one wants to play different leagues because of “This player needs to play for a team in the top 3 countries or in a country that is at least 3 positions above his home country.”

I think the “Next Step”s (almost all of them other than “Benefits from Training” and “Needs to play offical matches” and “needs to play cup matches”) are pointless, restrictive, unrealistic and basically ruin any chance of a giant killer. Ever. And the giant leagues need some competition.


August 13, 2018 07:59

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And once again our managers proved to have very different opinions amongst themselves:

30% – Keep forced transfers as they are
43% – Do not allow for players in human managed teams
26% – Allow it but change the rules
01% – No Answer

If we look only at the winning option, we could go ahead and implement it, but when you think about the big picture you can say 56% is actually in favour of having forced transfers for players in human managed teams, so it doesn’t really make sense to remove it.

We were only going to take immediate action if there was a strong preference for a change, but given we have higher priorities at the moment we’ll leave it unchanged. Thanks for voting!


August 10, 2018 07:26

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That’s something we already plan to do, it would help both club and national squad managers to identify the top performing players for their purposes.


August 09, 2018 21:19

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In the category internationals I’m wondering if somehow the caps could be seperated from the normal stats of a player. Now I can see the player has been selected for the national squad many times, but looking in the history I can’t find any caps that the player actually played.

Besides,when joining an international team, it’s hard to find the top-players based on International experience/ performance. Once I immediately dropped an attacker out of the national squad, just because of his skills. Afterwards I found out it was the all time topscorer of the national squad with many caps played…

His successor had great skills but somehow didn’t perform in international matches.


August 09, 2018 21:09

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Looking forward to it!


August 09, 2018 00:07

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That’s an interesting idea…currently the player performance is not broken down to that level of detail, I’ll add an item in our backlog to do it!


August 08, 2018 22:24

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Then it would be great if the analytic section could be improved. Now it’s hard to compare player performance during several matches against different opponents with different tactics. It would be great if analytics could be done on player performance based on historical data related to tactics/ player position / opponent tactical formation.


August 08, 2018 14:10

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Renewing the squad once again!

Macedo – 28y, sho 94, avg 85, still improving skills
Zagallo – 31y, pas 90 sho 88, avg 88(!), Class S (!), 1 silver star
Isidro Hiervas – 34y, tac 94 pas 84 sho 85, avg 89 (!!), Class S (!), 1 golden star (!!!)
Claudio Riontino – 30y, tac 99

Check them out!


August 07, 2018 13:18

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OMG I just realized that there is a strategy for many events. Thanks Gabriel for that information! I’ll never discover everything in this great game ;)

PS: I need to invest in good glasses x) Topic to close.



August 07, 2018 07:39

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You can already create substitution rules for when a player from a particular position (G, D, M or A) is injured, but of course that gives you only one option for that position, not three as you suggested.


August 07, 2018 01:14

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I need money really badly and am selling my best player. Attack/Mid, he can play anywhere and be successful. He’s a late bloomer, only became a superstar at 29 years old, he will be good for another 5-6 seasons. He has 90s across the board check him out!

Name: Raúl Sacedón
Age: 30
Nationality: Spain
Club: Zaragoza
Previous club: -
Estimated Value: $59,041,762
Star status: Star Level 6 (New player hiring bonus)
Position: AM
Side: C
Keeping: 37
Tackle: 72
Passing: 91
Shooting: 93
Speed: 90
Dribble: 93
Control: 95
Header: 90
Aggressiveness: 71
Stamina: 99
Pressure handling: Good
Good trait: Less likely to get injured
Bad trait: Plays worse when playing on second half only


August 06, 2018 18:31

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In “Formation Strategies” we should have option to choose which player on the bench is first to replace injured player!

At this moment computer automaticaly replacing injured player by the healthy one with bigest main attribute (D for D, M for M, F for F). But it’s not fair when our healthy player have low stamina or bad trait or something else bad.

So Goal FC creators should give us a choise which player we want to enter the pitch first when our G, D, M and F will be injured.
For example: if your any M will be injury that first to replace him will be “player A” (M), “player B” (M) or at last “player C” (M). Clear and easy :)

Luke “Bronson”


August 06, 2018 07:17

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You’re absolutely right Dirk, I’ll make sure we add this trait in future players.


August 06, 2018 07:09

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Game Master


I was wondering why there isn’t a trait “plays better/worse against teams of same class”.
Could be a nice one for A teams competing each other.

I mean if you are an A team and you have a player with the trait players better/worse against better team this trait is neutralised because there aren’t such teams right?


August 05, 2018 13:21

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- rate over 8.5 in games to build points towards the next class
not towards next class, this is to build points towards earning stars
- have hidden attributes
yes, only influencing the minimum rating required for each star level
- be the best at their position for your end of season calculations
stars are not influenced by the position (except goalkeepers who are slightly less likely to get them)
- not have many other stars in your nation
a specific number of stars is distributed per country, so your players are only compared to those playing in the same country in order to get stars


August 05, 2018 00:24

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Thank you for that.
So what you are saying is, players need to:
- rate over 8.5 in games to build points towards the next class
- have hidden attributes
- be the best at their position for your end of season calculations
- not have many other stars in your nation

So is not so much that i can control.


August 04, 2018 12:25

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Stars are mostly based on player ratings, but it is not as simple as taking the average rating. Each star type (gold, silver and bronze) has a minimum rating associated with it, every time the player achieves that minimum during a match he earns some points towards that star level. In addition to that, each player has a natural tendency towards or against stars (some are neutral) that is hidden, which will make it easier or harder for them to get stars. In summary, stars are associated by top ratings in matches (think 8.5+ in most cases) affected by the player’s natural star tendency.

For each country there is a maximum number of stars to be distributed for each level. Higher ranked countries will have more star players. That means that star distribution is a relative comparison on players performance in a country for the previous season. A star player will lose no more than one star level per season, even if he doesn’t player any matches.

Now, class S players. Every season we automatically re-calibrate the way the game evaluates how good a player is, and then for each dimension we’ll find out what is the highest skilled player for the current parameters, that is our top number for class A players. When a player has stars, those stars will artificially increase the player skills for class purposes, which means they can make a B player become an A player or an A player become an S player. Another way to have an S player is if you had an A player whose skills were very close to the pre-determined maximum on season start that then surpasses it by improving during the season, then he can become an S player even without any stars.

Sorry for the long post, I thought these things deserved a proper explanation!


August 04, 2018 08:14

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how do the players develop into stars? After watching my teams for many seasons, I still do not see a pattern.

Players who average over 8.00 for the season arrive the next year with no stars. Players who seemingly do not stand out as the best on the team, nor at their position, get stars. Some players lose all of theirs during their prime.

Also, how do players develop from Class A to Class S?



August 03, 2018 16:56

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There are worse traits. To me “plays worse against worse class/best class teams” (depending on your team level) and “plays worse on international cups” are the most dreaded ones


August 03, 2018 14:53

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Negative traits are ok. Even in real life perfect players doesn’t exist.
So Goal FC is a very realistic game! :)


August 03, 2018 12:55

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Countries which have inactive teams end up having extra players in comparison to the other countries, as a new batch of players joins the game every time teams become active again. In order to balance that roughly 50% of the players generated for re-activated teams will be from countries other than the team’s country.


August 03, 2018 10:52

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Negative traits take a negative hit on my happiness. I’ve posted about this before, but paying heaps of money for a great player, only to see them develop a terrible negative trait is devastating.

I do not understand why everyone needs an extra negative thing taken out of them. It is not necessary.

Develop positive traits only is great, such a boost.


August 02, 2018 10:31

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I like the board % idea, not hard to put in practice.


August 02, 2018 10:30

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I’ve been burned with “more likely to get injured” before…had a great player that was always getting injured, either during training or matches.


August 02, 2018 08:31

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Traits "More likely to get injured or “More likely to receive cards” sounds much worse for me.


August 02, 2018 06:41

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I actually refuse to buy players with the use more stamina per match trait, unless it’s on a free.