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March 10, 2013 08:10

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why make the injuries last longer?

Why not make the “match fitness” lower, that is simply another variable trained by playing matches often and letting physios fix players after that, perhaps match readiness (physical shape) is better. The better the player is at this, the less the injury risk. People not paying attention to that area will not be able to play the players that very often. Also being good at that area will get players fitness quicker up to 100% stamina/fitness.



March 10, 2013 12:23

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Sure Berhan, I just suggested the injuries because it seems simplier to implement. Just changing some formula I guess. At the moment injuries have almost no importance to me, one less department to worry about.

Your suggestion seems fine, but I guess will take longer to implement.


March 24, 2013 16:38

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“The maximum transfer price for a player has been raised from 3 to 4 times his estimated value. "

I saw this player in fast ticker:

Craig Hildred Cruzeiro A LC 28 33 81 83 84 98 91 84 91 31 $40,573 $28,890,510 $150,000,000

Is this a bug or a feature?


March 24, 2013 21:13

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retarded not a bug or feature lol


March 24, 2013 21:40

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Not a bug, the player must have been transfer listed when his estimated value was higher so the manager could ask for that price.


March 24, 2013 22:05

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just like filipe askn for this pile


March 25, 2013 13:32

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I’m sorry guys but I cant understand why this limit thing continuing, even with 4x the estimate value is so low compared to the money there is now on the game that it keeps impossible to deal. If I want to spend 500M on a player and someone is willing to sell me for that value why shouldn’t I ??

This limit prevents no cheating, a cheater will buy players from fake managers at a discount price and will sell to them any old or crappy players they dont need, now they dont even need to sell anyone as they get a money refill at season start…

Raising prices or inflation is no problem compared to whats happening to the market. So what if some player is sold by 1Billion? If there is someone willing to pay and someone willing to sell, LET THEM DO IT!


March 25, 2013 21:15

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I was just trying to get there by experimenting first, but you have a reasonable point about how the limit is not needed in the new economy model (which was my goal anyway). Next time I work on it I’m going to remove it, unless someone has better arguments against it. Maybe we can do a different experiment and hide the estimated value instead ;-)


March 25, 2013 21:33

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Star System, Fan Favorate, Specialtie skills ect


March 25, 2013 23:14

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It seams reasonable Gabriel, now the estimate value doesnt take consideration to inflaction it is even more useless than before, i guess you have to keep it hide somewhere to make CPU teams continue dealing.


March 29, 2013 19:12

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Nice one Gabriel, even though the no deals till tick 12 kinda sucks, no way to avoid that?

By the way, the no price limit thing, any way it could go on before MT season end? A huge deal already signed but can’t go forward :D


March 31, 2013 20:22

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Though I posted something, but don’t see the post. Again then:

“Estimated value for players has been removed. It’s like they say, the value of something is the amount of money somebody is willing to pay for it. Or something like that, you’ve got the idea :-P”

Gabriel, this change (and the rubysoccer script not working) makes the game more or less unplayable. The estimated value was useful in ranking players. Normally the best youth player had the highest estimated value, so you know the ones you wanted to give a contract and the ones you wanted to dump. Now it’s much more diffilcult to see (and also for other players).

So you can please switch back this change?


March 31, 2013 21:53

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I understand what you’re saying, Dimitri, I also used the estimated value sometimes as the basis for hiring decisions or to give me an idea of how much to ask when selling player. This is just an experiment to see how things go without this value, to make sure it is really necessary. One thing I won’t put back is the player starting value in his history (at least not before we change the player evolution system), it was being used too much as an indicator of player potential.

Anyone else have anything to say about this latest update and its impacts?


March 31, 2013 23:00

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i’m with Dimitri. it’s a useful tool.

also, the starting value can be useful to have a clue about players potential (like you say Gabriel), but if the decision is to remove it, that’s fine.

although i don’t agree with some of the recent changes, i rather enjoy this FREE game without complains. i also take this opportunity to say thanks Gabriel and Danilo for letting us play RS for free and for your hard work developing it for more then 5 years.


March 31, 2013 23:01

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In first place, I think that the changes are being thaken with some precipitation… and ideally these should happen at the beginning of each season.

Second I think if you really want to take the game to another level, it´s necessary create a group of advisors to vote on the proposed changes, I think that should be the 25 top rating managers in each dimension.

Third… about the prices I think it´s the same with the prices or not… the problem is the new money that enters every season in the clubs… with this no one needs to sell players…. to resolve this situation should be created a system that has influence in following seasons… if I spend in a season 500M in the following season I can´t have another 500M to spend that makes no sense….
And the money it should not be trnasformed in points… that should be generated by the results of the season.

This is my opinion…

Best Regards
Diogo Silva


April 01, 2013 12:09

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I think the admins have other stuff in the works. Instead of completely changing the game in 1 shot, it seems they are taking a slower approach to implementing every change and seeing how the game (and managers) react to the changes. I’ll agree that the game isn’t in a state we want it to be in right now but its safe to say that i think we’re striving for a longer term goal here on the admins part. The game was unchanged for so long and now that they are making changes (which some of us have asked for) we are complaining once again. This is just a transition phase and once its all said and done, i’m sure we’ll all be happy with the end result. Great job admins!


April 01, 2013 12:18

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@Dimitri and Gabriel
Those usefulness you speak ended with the end of inflation, this last days the estimated value didn’t reflect anything, you could see they were very close for every player too, to know how much you can sell a player is quite simple, you list him high and go lowering :D

The starting value had much importance to me till some time ago, when the value systems started changing I adopted other ways to inquire player’s potential… I don’t think the starting value gave you that much info this last days. Anyway, I believe Gabriel’s intention was to remove it to increase the uncertainty of that player’s potential so even if it was helpful it should be removed, if we want to make it really uncertain we should also remove the friendly matches from stats… I would be one of the most harmed managers with that, but if thats the way developers want to structure the game fine by me.

I dont agree with that “council” thing you propose. Besides being a nightmare of logistic we have this game as it is because of Gabriel and Danilo, I trust their judgement to make the game even better and more interesting. The times anyone doesn’t agree with something we post here and present our arguments, so far Developers have been tremendously open to our arguments, when they are valid ones of course…

Btw, your argument to increase the market transfers (managers dont needing to sell players) does not match with the money from previous season not transformed in points. If we give managers reasons get money they will consider selling players (so they can get better departments). If not then why botter selling if you can get more money next season?



April 01, 2013 14:19

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I already sayd that I play the game with any conditions… but you can see that the market in this moment is dead and for the many players that I Know this is one of the interesting parts of the game…

I propose the “council” because I think the changes are being taken with some precipitation…

Best Regards
Diogo Silva


April 01, 2013 19:49

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Filipe, a 15M youth is better than a 10M youth. The game is based on ranking players, at least for me. It’s not about transfer prices, but about which players to keep. Without a way of ranking the players (without having to calculate everything by hand each time), I think the game is dead…


April 01, 2013 20:06

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It depends, a 10M youth before this great change is much better than a youth after, with so many changes and inflaction you couldn’t have much sure from looking to player’s starting value… You can simply look at player’s skills and age and evaluate him. If you want more certain look at player’s stats and you can figure how he’s skills could have been when started. I’ve been doing that for some time and can say most of the players I got turned to be quite nice.

But as I said, do not think that was the reason for Gabriel to remove it, having more uncertanty to player’s improvement can turn the game more challenging. Most of us posting here in the forum have developed methods of finding players with much security they become stars… If there was a way to know how a player would become, where would be the fun in that?


April 01, 2013 20:38

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Have you guys considered that I might be working on a new scouting feature that will help you determine a player’s potential? ;-)


April 01, 2013 20:43

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Have to look up excel again in my programs.


April 01, 2013 20:45

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Have you guys considered that I might be working on a new scouting feature that will help you determine a player’s potential? ;-)

Maybe you should have implented that while taking down the values and not first take down everything. We are left with nothing now.


April 02, 2013 00:47

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The new economics are desastrous. All of a sudden, the players are worthless (one cant see their value) and what do you do? You announce this brand new feature:Scouting. Ahh but there’s a twist: You MIGHT be implementing it… Gabriel, that’s a no no!!

Here goes an ideia for the market regulation and (maybe) revive the game:

Nobody can sell a player directly in the market. An entity (The bank) will buy the player from the selling club, paying the player real value (that value we use to see at the player table). Of course the player value changes in time acording with skills variation and age, and it is the bank who will put the player for selling in the market, later on, during a shot period of time (say 5, 7 or more days) trough an auction where everybody can bid. The seller receives only the market value and not the value of the auction best bid. The higest bid takes the player and the bank takes the profit. This profit is important because the bank always buys the players from clubs. Any player!! And, of course, there will be players that the bank cant sell. The bank can also loan money (with interests) to clubs, so they can improve stadiums, junior academy (1 ou 2 more slots for those who invest in youth), medical department, etc. If the bank cant sell the player, then the player gets off the market for some time and then, later on, the bank will try to sell him again.

Listen. It’s not that one can be pissed with these recent changes. One can’t. Its a project under development. We all know that, but some ideas are not what we expect and it is driving players (testers) away from the game. It’s your game. You decide.



April 02, 2013 01:06

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Well, I can just bring the values back for now, it’s not a big deal. I was joking when I said I MIGHT be implementing it, of course I am. And when the scout reports are ready I may take down the estimated values again, just to make the scouting the tool of choice when trying to guess player’s potential. But we’ll see again by then.



April 02, 2013 04:30

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Am I the only one who likes the change? You actually look at the players’ skills before you check their value for once…


April 02, 2013 06:07

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hey everyone shut the fuck up.
you sound like a bunch of pussy ungrateful shitheads. crying over something we all knew was about to happen. he told us. the est value what inaccurate, unrealistic, a load of a shit, and a rookie way to see a players potential.. cry a river. complain cos your too lazy to acturally track a players performance per game ? so you rely on est value ?? come on now ffs.

Gabriel. keep up the good work. i think i know where you are going with this. and i agree with it completely.
im excited for the BETTERING of this game. i fully support it

this is a manageering game. i see IMPROVEMENTS.

how about all those managers asking fucktard numbers for completely shit players should do the right thing and just fuckn lower to the value they really are. or fire them.

clear the transfer market of absolute ridiculous prices if the player is good and has attributes and good performance to match then sure such high price is adequate.

its called integrity kids. get some


April 02, 2013 06:12

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I’m not sure I like this scouting thing. Won’t that be to easy to just press a button and you suddenly get a list of players that will be stars? That sounds silly. I meen…yeah using starting value was also not very hard, but atleast you had to manually click every single player to see it.

I don’t think this is such a good idea. I personally rather have youths increase faster instead of being able to find them easier.


April 02, 2013 06:48

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sly i think borh should be done. faster from 16-21 medium 22-24 slow 24-28 non 28+ plus having scouting thats being worked on


April 02, 2013 10:47

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Filipe, how many seconds does it take you to evaluate a player based on age and skills?
And how many seconds to evaluate 5 players (the youths) and 30 players? (the main squad)?