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February 26, 2013 14:39

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É verdade Felix… mas se formos para clubes mais pequenos as diferenças são certamente bem maiores… e de certeza que o Pepe não é o jogador mais mal pago do plantel do Real…. e por isso 4x é pouco… ainda assim antes da actualização isto já era possivel aliás como se pode ver neste mesmo topico eu mesmo já fui acuado disso antes da actualização….e a verdade é que supostamente esta mudança era para a economia deixar de ter influencia….. e afinal…………….

O que me parece é que cada um deve fazer o que é melhor para a sua equipa.. e principlamente como me parece que já ouvi o importante são os resultados desportivos…..logo…. como se ouve um pouco por todo o mundo… clube com passivo de não sei quantos milhoes… etc…

Verdade também é que dantes havia mais influencia destas situações a longo prazo… e agora nem por isso… aliás como já foi referido aqui por alguns jogadores a verdade é que este novo sistema deixa de ser aliciante para quem gostava de uma gestão mais a longo prazo…

Por mim como já disse eu defendia… ou gostava mais e achava mais justo o sistema antido… que claro precisava de uns ajustes… mas eu pessoalmente utilizo as regras sejam elas quais forem em beneficio próprio… isto é, para ter as melhores equipas e para ganhar o mais possivel…. se outros pensam de outra forma estão no ser direito… o mais importante é cada um tirar a maior diversão possivel do jogo…

Diogo Silva


February 28, 2013 08:53

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there is literally no transfer market for any quality.


February 28, 2013 12:11

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“there is literally no transfer market for any quality.”

you say that a lot…


February 28, 2013 12:11

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These changes made the game less interesting for me as well. I know its intended to make the economical model better but it killed other aspects.

No way to apply long term strategy. Whats the point of trying to sell players if you can not save your money. If you dont spend it your bankroll will be reset. So we are forced to spend it even we dont want to.

The stadium upgrade is not just about getting your investment back. Its about prestige, it shows how much time and money you have invested. Right now you can get lvl 10 stadium with just few clicks in seconds.

Have a question about wages also . If i can not get enough board points or simply can not sign on during first 12 ticks to maintain my wage limit lvl whats going to happen? Are my players get automatically get fired?

Pls clarify



February 28, 2013 12:16

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About the wages, I can tell you that it’ll just show up as a negative amount. The previous season I had wages of $723,882, and with the changes I’m limited to $683,812. So, you won’t lose players, but your available wage budget will say -$40,000. They won’t punish you for selecting a lower budget by firing people :)


February 28, 2013 20:11

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Actually I think there were other ways to solve the economic situation. Wages could have been made more important, they were too low compared to transfer prices. Also the strategy of making a lot of money by just selling a lot of (young) players can be avoided by setting a max to the amount of players sold per year. And some stadium seats can get lost (perhaps when a manager leaves a club).


February 28, 2013 21:42

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Let me clarify the wages thing. Once you get above your wage limit you won’t be able to hire new players or renew contracts (unless during the renewal the players asks for less and that new amount makes your total wages become lower than your limit) and also your transfer budget will be reduced by your wage deficit every 3 turns.


February 28, 2013 22:14

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What happends if u have 500k wages limit and the current balance is 495k and a player asks for a 10k extra wages (assuming you can’t get it down lower).

Will he leave?


February 28, 2013 23:23

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yeh lets just kill the transfer market completely yeh good plan ( sar)


March 01, 2013 00:41

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define “kill the transfer market.” to what are you alluding?


March 01, 2013 03:08

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there is absolutely zero incentive to sell players currently. having a transfer budget of 300m per season and having no where to spend it is frustrating not to mention pointless. no one is selling anything of the quality that deserves a 120m price, yet we have to settle of crap players realisticly worth 50m but buying them for 100m and and really bad players going for 50m. no one is going to sell any good players at a reasonable price. i think the est value and max allowed is currently useless. also with that said the price needs to match that of the quality of the player. the est value needs fixed properly and shouldnt be based on the market but based on the actual skill. also at the end of contracts i think we should be able to ask the player to come play for our team. allowing the player to choose free agency or signing a contract with another team during negotiations at the end of a contract. the manager should be able to put clauses in like Restricted free agent clause, ( meaning the current team he plays for must be able to negotiate a contract only no other. but with that said. i think that if the player does not want to continue his career at your club. he can regect the offers and choose free agency. the player could also if no clause in place choose to just leave. this will pressure managers to get some profit from players whom do not want to be at the club. once a player is bought. player moral i think will definately play a key role in this. so in summary
the transfer market needs a “player demands a transfer” which means the player will play bad untill he is changed clubs
player contract clauses ( no transfer clause if the player loves your club, cannot be transfered unless no contract renewal) ( unrestricted and restricted free agent option)
player moral
player stars
improvement on youth system training as gabriel said. focus on attack or defense ( this way the randomness is still in play. ill rather have this option than non at all)

i expect managers and board to have contracts also this keeps us managers working hard to do well. if we do not meet expectations then we are fired.


March 01, 2013 03:11

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could even add player bonus’s % per win ect to maintain moral . these are just some of many ideas of mine. so far pretty much everything ive thought of is being implimented at some degree which i am happy about. i guess i need to develop some patience.


March 01, 2013 05:07

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“i guess i need to develop some patience.” – you talked your way to it on your own! also, for the most part, good ideas! in the meantime, just breathe brother. breathe.


March 01, 2013 07:14

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Just wait till maybe end of the season to judge if the transfer market is killed. Many teams who already had a good team might not spend there money before end of the season. And the biggest problem might still be that the manager himself is asking way to much for a player, we humans always want more and more and more money.

I’ve expirienced the transfer budget from the board in a bad way last tick, they allowed me to bid max 26m for a player while the price was 29.9m. Well, to bad….deal with it i would say! There are many more players in the future.


March 01, 2013 14:15

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Most of davisons ideas are legit. They are ideas most of us want to see implemented. But like Will said, we need to give this first change some time so see HOW it would be best to implement some of the other items on the list. In a couple of seasons we’ll know how the market will be trending and i’m sure admins will be able to implement other things to kick start it if need be. but this is a big change and I definitely think its a change in the right direction. A direction which will allow the admins to NOW focus on other aspects of the game now that the economy factor has been “fixed”. Good stuff by everyone, lots of good input.


March 02, 2013 18:02

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I think the reward for not wasting all the board’s money is being developed by Gabriel and Danilo, with that in place there will be some more incentive to sell better players. Right now there is no such incentive as you dont know if you can get your team better by selling a good player for high offer.

That done I believe there should be done some adjustments to the board points thing… Probably best to wait for next season to confirm it but it seems to easy for developed teams to reach higher deparment levels. Maybe a progressive increase of the points cost would make it harder for top teams to reach the maximum and still allow smaller teams to have a decent level. This seems more important to me in the Coaching and Stadium departments, they give a great advantage with level 10 and any developed team can get them easily to level 10… If level 10 cost 15 points only the very best performance teams can reach that…


March 03, 2013 04:04

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What exactly are the criteria for determining how many points are at a specific team’s disposal? Or is that revealing a bit too much?


March 03, 2013 09:11

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Maybe there should be some sort of trade-off? That getting a high budget will cost alot of points, but if you have a high budget you can not have a high ‘money received from players sold’. Or visa versa. That perhaps if you don’t put points in your budget you still get alot from players sold. Or that simply having a high budget will cost you coaching or something? That way you get devide the market. That there are teams who will train there players and there are teams who will buy them. Instead of having everyon with a high budget, but nobody willing to sell anything, since money is not an incentive.

If you would look at it from a realistic point of view. The big clubs in the world usually buy their top players, while small clubs train them and sell them. Perhaps it’s an idea to look at it from that point of view? Filipe, right now you could say you have a ‘small’ team? Low boards points and budget, but it suxx even more you get only 20% from players sold? This gives you no room to move what so ever. Perhaps there could be some way to balance it all out? Small teams would receiver 80% from players sold, while for bigger clubs it gets harder? They for example need to make a choice between budget lvl10 or money from sales lvl10. That way you really need to decide before the season what your plans will be?

Another idea for money from players sold could be that, what if you simply don’t get the money at the start of the season, but the ‘budget’ is the maximum amount of money you can save? So for example you get 50mill, but your maximum is 250. So you don’t lose the money, but you can never have more then that amount, This way there is still a lock on the economy and prizes won’t get insane.

All in all, I’m sure it will come around. Some little tweaking here and there might do the trick for the long run.


March 03, 2013 21:29

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Prezados… quando será possível usar os olheiros novamente?
(…se bem que o mercado de compra e venda de jogadores, não funciona bem… não adianta nada administrar bem o time porquê raramente há bons jogadores à venda…)


March 04, 2013 01:36

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@Filipe: it costs 55 points to go from level 0 to level 10, 385 points to get all areas to level 10 (55 * 7). The only way to get 385 is to manage a club from the top country and win all competitions (league, national cup, top continental cup and club world cup)

@Will: I won’t spoil the fun, but the number of points depends on your country’s ranking, final position in the league, league division, knockout round on national cup, knockout round on international cup (Champions League and Libertadores are worth more than Europa League and Sudamericana) and result on Club World Cup

@Sly: interesting ideas, will keep them in mind for future tweaks if needed.

@Roger: você deveria ser capaz de usar olheiros se seu departamento de olheiros tiver level maior que 0. Caso contrário tera que esperar a proxima temporada para aumentar o level.


March 04, 2013 15:29

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Gabriel, algo então está errado… eu deixei meus olheiros em 10 (o máximo) !!!
E não abre o link para utilização… coisa estranha.

Cordiais Saudações…


March 04, 2013 16:07

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Gabriel, OK, está em busca…


March 05, 2013 20:26

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Ok Gabriel, got it. You don’t add points by performing well, you simply have X points. This makes possible for a team going from like 300 points to 50 points in one season if they perform really bad, right?

Also, even with your explanation I think there is too much diference in some departments importance. Physio or Scouting right now are not that important and most teams can easily get other departments to 10 by not investing in this ones, if you raise their importance the challenge for managers when deciding will be bigger… You can do this very easily with Physio, just make injuries more frequent and longer. Scouting could become more interesting too, having some information about potential or player personality (when they have that), but I guess that is something for a no near future :D



March 05, 2013 20:43

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True. In most cases, transfer budget isn’t that important as it is now…


March 05, 2013 21:41

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Completely agree. We’ve already considered making those areas more important in the past but never got to implement anything. Now that they require the same level of investment as the coaching department I believe the time is right to make them more attractive.


March 06, 2013 00:21

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some people want to make this game un playable lol wtf “make injuries more and last longer” ….. that is the stupidest idea ive ever seen


March 06, 2013 02:42

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It shouldn’t be frequent as to make the game un playable, just enough so people start worrying about the physio department.


March 06, 2013 07:51

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Some people just don’t get it lol wtf.

Yes, i think Filipe is right. The injuries are low and why bother to get physio.


March 06, 2013 09:46

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An easy improvement for scouting would be to have better search possibilities. Search for minimum player value, maximum player price, boolean search, etc. The higher your scouting, the better the search possibilities.

And perhaps an option to get a notification if a player gets fired/released?


March 10, 2013 06:23

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so how managers are we losing a day now ?