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June 30, 2018 19:27

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Need a defender. Any position, 29 year old or younger.

Paying up to $250M

Message me in game.


May 02, 2018 21:58

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First off: I’m a moron.

Secondly: Thanks for listening!


May 01, 2018 20:11

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The unrealistic nature of not being able to train (or pay a few rubies) to add a new position to a player is becoming increasingly frustrating. If it requires a certain amount of matches, or whatever it may be, I’ve had some players in their “unnatural” positions for years. I feel like by now they’d be comfortable in their new role and make it their primary and preferred position.

Being able to change a players side (LC to C – RC to C – L to LC) would vastly improve the transfer market too. People would be willing to SPEND some of the money they seem to horde since they know w player might soon be useful ion a new role, rather than being saddled with an LC when they really need an L or a C.

I don’t think moving a player from an L to an R is a good idea, as this is kind of a major change to their playstyle, even in real life.


LC -> L
LC -> C

Those would make sense.

Could even make C players be able to go LC or RC, but note on their profile they are originally C players, and therefore cannot be changed to L or R after they have been trained in LC or RC. Same with LC or RC who have been changed to C; they’d be unable to go LC -> C and then over to RC.

Give players sides (L or R) and let them train (or pay) or play a certain number of matches in a C LC/RC or L/R role so they can be 100% proficient in their new position.

Just getting a bit frustrated with buying or training up players who refuse to play a couple yards outside their comfort zone after years of training.


February 24, 2018 14:36

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While I love sending scouts out to find players with specific numerical attributes, I should be able to send a scout to scout out a specific player by name. This obviously happens regularly in the real world. You could make it that scouting specific players is more dependent on when that player actually plays in a match. So, the higher the scouting investment then the fewer matches it would take for a scout to return with a report.

Would significantly reduce managers just guessing on players they found by looking into the transfer market and ending up with a complete dud. Would also encourage/reward managers to find players and spend time in the transfer lists rather than just sending out scouts and letting the game basically play itself.


December 07, 2017 02:22

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But I mean, there’s got to be a limit on the level of crazy.


December 05, 2017 14:08

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That’s probably advisable. No drop in stats should result in at least a contract of equal value.


December 04, 2017 19:53

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Bumping, because this needs to happen.


December 04, 2017 19:48

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While I understand the need for a good negotiation team through the investments system, no matter how BAD a negotiating team I have they’d probably never suggest a weekly wage of two hundred bucks. A bit unrealistic. Definitely needs tweaking.

Current wage: $7,351
Suggested wage: $198

I’d fire that negotiator immediately.


May 01, 2013 23:44

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“they r shite.” – davison

figured i’d beat him to it.


April 29, 2013 19:24

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I think it was a youth tournament in SS days yeah, but I don’t really want to go through dozens of results every tick to make sure everyone is <21. 8 people so far…might just get it started and see if it grows over the years! I’ll be back with details.


April 29, 2013 03:16

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I used to run “friendly” tournaments back in the SoccerSim days. Pretty simple. I make fixtures, you arrange them, play them, and the tournament advances. I make more fixtures etc, until a champion is crowned! Pretty much just for fun, but bragging rights are always sweet, and it adds some depth to your friendlies!

Post in this thread if you’re interested, or if you think it’s a good idea, and if enough people are interested I’ll start up an official tournament thread with a link to the Tourney website (where fixtures, groups, results, top scorers etc will be posted and updated)


April 19, 2013 18:41

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I got all the european countries formatted and added as well, but i’m not sure if adding an assload of new leagues and divisions is a good idea, since it seems there’s only ~200 active managers as as it is…


April 02, 2013 23:17

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Yup, I like it.


April 02, 2013 04:30

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Am I the only one who likes the change? You actually look at the players’ skills before you check their value for once…


March 22, 2013 17:26

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Garter (ing)
a. An elasticized band worn around the leg to hold up a stocking or sock.

What exactly is going on at Middlesbrough!?


March 13, 2013 04:56

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Browsing the free transfers, had 27,575 available for wages. Figured I’d take:
Jamie McFarlane M L 35 Season 81, Turn 104 144 $27,575 $19,896,055

So I put in a bid at max available funds. I also put in a bid for:
Luke Fewings DA LR 30 Season 81, Turn 104 144 $27,575 $22,426,074

Same thing, max wages. As you can see I managed to sign both of them on the same turn, and now have a wage budget of:
Wage Limit: $657,470
Current Wage Total: $685,045

I would have done this a bunch of times on this last if I knew I could :P


March 07, 2013 12:50

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Davison, are there any good players at all? You seem to thin they’re all garbage. Ever think maybe just yours are “piles of piss” seeing as how you religiously finish midtable or worse?


March 03, 2013 04:04

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What exactly are the criteria for determining how many points are at a specific team’s disposal? Or is that revealing a bit too much?


March 03, 2013 04:01

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I think if you’ve made money for the club, depending on how much, it should translate into a bonus of some sort for the next season. The easiest way would probably just be more investment points.

You made the club an extra 20 Million? Here’s some extra resources! Not necessarily money. You get to choose to add a scouting department, maybe some physios, or just take the next level or transfer budget and away you go.

Giving the power back to the managers without crippling the economy. The game’s about free will and management, right? :P


March 02, 2013 02:07

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This being the first season of implementation, I have a question before I lose out on money.

- I chose the second lowest possible transfer budget (level 1) at 22M.

- I also chose the lowest possible “Money from players sold added to transfer budget” (level 0) at %20.

Now, I’ve sold a lot of players in these first few ticks, and managed to raise my transfer budget to $59,707,000. This is great, I could buy some players right now if I wanted.

Here comes the question: If I chose not to buy anyone this season, and NEXT season I keep my transfer budget at level 1, will the value be $59,707,000?

Or, if I don’t spent it this year, is it just…lost? Do the teams keep an invisible bank balance of overall money and if so, how does it affect the FOLLOWING year’s investments?

Are the different “levels” of Transfer Budget that you select within the first 12 turns just ascending percentages of that invisible overall bank balance of the club?

I don’t want to have sold a bunch of players, saved my transfer budget, just to have it reset to 22M for level 1 because it’s tied to something stupid like my stadium size. If it were tied to that overall bank balance, I’d like to see that total bank balance somewhere so I can plan for next year’s investments.



March 01, 2013 05:07

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“i guess i need to develop some patience.” – you talked your way to it on your own! also, for the most part, good ideas! in the meantime, just breathe brother. breathe.


March 01, 2013 00:41

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define “kill the transfer market.” to what are you alluding?


February 28, 2013 12:19

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i’d rather mock you over how bad you think the game is and how addicted to playing it you seem to be :P


February 28, 2013 12:16

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About the wages, I can tell you that it’ll just show up as a negative amount. The previous season I had wages of $723,882, and with the changes I’m limited to $683,812. So, you won’t lose players, but your available wage budget will say -$40,000. They won’t punish you for selecting a lower budget by firing people :)


February 28, 2013 12:11

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“there is literally no transfer market for any quality.”

you say that a lot…


February 21, 2013 06:14

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I’d like to be able to use my scouts, but have them search for players by nationality. The way the transfer market is set up now you have nationalities all mixed together depending on what league they were last in.

With the new economy I’d be much more inclined to spend points on scouts if I could weed out all the filthy (insert nationality here) from my search results. Or just have a drop down menu that adds “Search for ________ only” where the blank is filled by a specific nationality only.

Swiss Super Squad here I come!


January 18, 2013 17:19

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lots of teams sign players with tons of potential and then end up being terrible players. in real life. i can just see them implement a “player potential scout” and then when one of your players doesn’t work out you’d just whinge about how the scout screwed you.

we should have assistant managers that just play the game for us too. man, that’d be handy if they just searched through the player database and fielded the optimal team for us. soon you won’t have to do anything. to disagree would mean you know fk all about unicorns.


January 18, 2013 08:33

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then i guess you’re SOL :P


January 09, 2013 10:17

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Almost all of Europe is completed.

Logos are needed for all the red countries in the image above. But League Names, Competitons, Leagues and Teams are all up-to-date and complete for most European nations.


January 09, 2013 06:29

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Just so everyone knows, I’ve started working on Europe, as a whole. I’ll keep posting updates in this thread as to which countries are done/being worked on. I doubt there’s anyone out there working on any countries as this is a pretty old thread, but my goal is to get Europe completed at least. If you’d like to help, let me know in game!

Meanwhile, he’s a map of the countries that have been done so far: