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September 27, 2007 15:20

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I have made this topic sticky, in order to discuss match results (high scores, for example). Before you post on this subject, please search for whatever we already have discussed about it on other topics (it would be good if someone summarize that here).

Also, when you report a problem, please give the richest description you can. We have been receiving complaints about scores (say 6×0, for example), and when we go check the situation the problem sometimes is simple (very bad/no goalkeeper, youths x regular players, etc).

This is one of the most important discussions in the game, lets make the best of it so everybody can enjoy/“contribute to” the evolution of our match engine!


September 28, 2007 02:47

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I think the number of shots is way to high…

3-4-3 formation 3-4-3
41% possession 59%
18 shots 56
9 shots on target 45

matchresult 0-0

56 shots on goal! even someone in a wheelchair might have accindently put one in…..


September 28, 2007 11:57

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very soon we will go back to the match engine to put more improvements on it. I think next week. Lets see what happens from there.


October 04, 2007 14:15

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shoot I saw one match 34-0 and one 25-0 in the last two rounds in England div 2 in beta 1…think that should not happen :)


October 04, 2007 15:37

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both the games you mention had one team NOT fielding a keeper. That is why the results were so lob-sided.


October 04, 2007 16:52

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Yes, i’ve checked it too…that team doesn’t even have a GK…that’s why…



October 12, 2007 16:15

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heck they have over 400 goals received. no wonder my star player with 36 goals is 10th in top scorers
Even funnier in beta 2 seccond div spain, Almeria do not have a keeper, have some nice players. Second best attack in the league but worse defence with 160 someting goals received and 60 something scored. Matches with that team are shows for the fans. But how the heck do you actyally manage to win without a keeper?:))


October 19, 2007 02:54

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I just won a game 40-2 !!!!! Is this a record?
4-3-3 formation 3-4-3
65% possession 35%
74 shots 15
45 shots on target 10


October 19, 2007 02:55

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I just won a game 40-2 !!!!! Is this a record?
4-3-3 formation 3-4-3
65% possession 35%
74 shots 15
45 shots on target 10


December 12, 2007 18:37

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Not that unusual, but not a good game result. Too many penalties etc etc

16-computerKarlsruher SC

G Sebastian Pauken 8.4
D Christian Weiß 4.4
D Markus Rahn 8.7
D Phillip Henzler 9.7
D Carsten Kappler 8.0
M Markus Mauersberger 8.3
M Eric Richter 4.3
M Sven Buitys 9.4
M Jan Manske 10.0
A Philipp Heine 9.0
A Patrick Kuch 10.0

7 × 1

4-4-2 formation 4-3-3
45% possession 55%
23 shots 23
13 shots on target 12
65% accurrate passes 50%
58% effective tackles 66%
1 corners 0
11 offsides 6
20 fouls 30

Werder Bremen16-human

G Kai Dehnert 7.2
D Dennis Pölzing 10.0
D Matthias Körner 9.3
D Ulrich Porte 4.9
D Andreas Lense 10.0
M Pascal Malura 9.9
M Enrico Rixen Player_yellow_card 6.0
M Thomas Vetter 9.2
A Thomas Gmünder 10.0
A Patrick Hintz 10.0
A Steffen Richter 10.0
9 min: Penalty Kick
9 min: Gmünder (a) shoots
13 min: Penalty Kick
14 min: Manske (h) shoots
14 min: Manske (h) scores
19 min: Penalty Kick
19 min: Malura (a) shoots
41 min: P. Heine (h) scores
47 min: Henzler (h) scores
51 min: The referee shows E. Rixen (a) a yellow card.
51 min: Penalty Kick
51 min: P. Kuch (h) shoots
51 min: P. Kuch (h) scores
58 min: Penalty Kick
58 min: P. Heine (h) shoots
58 min: P. Heine (h) scores
61 min: P. Heine (h) scores
64 min: Penalty Kick
64 min: P. Kuch (h) shoots
64 min: P. Kuch (h) scores
68 min: Vetter (a) scores


December 13, 2007 04:23

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I totally agree Thiago, we’re having too many penalty kicks. Let’s see if we can reduce that a little.



January 15, 2008 04:31

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Totally agree my team can not score a goal, 8 goals all season many diffrent styles of attack tried and still no goals, a typical game my last one: Newcastle United

G Steve Gibbs 10.0
D Ben Eaton 7.7
D John Bull 6.7
D Felipe Franco 7.2
D Joey Stark 9.2
D Ian Roberts 10.0
M Sean Taylor 10.0
M Wayne Benson 5.2
M Steve Betts 8.9
A John Robinson 10.0
A Darren Green 10.0
1 × 0

5-3-2 formation 4-4-2
44% possession 56%
16 shots 33
11 shots on target 14
64% accurrate passes 58%
62% effective tackles 67%
3 corners 2
1 offsides 6
22 fouls 30
Blackburn Rovers

G George McGowan 8.2
D Emilio Palumbo 10.0
D Martin Haydon 10.0
D Tony Goodyear 9.8
D Bruno Rui Silva 9.0
M Nicolau Castilho 3.5
M Graeme Smith 9.3
M Andrea Bartolucci 9.9
M Andrés Perez De Cabrera 10.0
A Orlando Armstrong 10.0
A Victor Naves 10.0

1 min: The referee shows Castilho (a) a yellow card.

18 min: The referee shows B. Eaton (h) a yellow card.
29 min: The referee shows J. Stark (h) a yellow card.
39 min: The referee shows S. Betts (h) a yellow card.
57 min: Taylor (h) scores


March 21, 2008 05:57

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Hi Guys

I’ve only just found ruby soccer so this may have been found.

I’ve noticed twice that my usual and default formation 532 has been played by the opposition team and my team has played their formation, in the last match against burnley away in medium tick, my formation was 433. Both times the team has been a computer team and I have lost. I think the game engine has confused the teams, but that’s just my opinion maybe I’m just a sore loser!!



March 21, 2008 13:37

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Game Master


Are you sure that there were no suspensed players? Because then the system choses the best substitution player and maybe in your case this was an attacker what makes that 532 becomes 433.


September 19, 2008 12:44

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My team, Man Utd has lately a behaviour that i find very suspicious. I’ve been lost games against teams that are much weaker than mine. Since i used the same players and tatics that started the season (and i made some good results the first games) i don’t understand what’s happening. In this last games i cannot make more than 10 shoots per game. Any ideias on this?


September 19, 2008 14:10

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Have you checked out our most recent addition, headers? Maybe the teams are now using formations with wingers against you that were very unusual before. Another possibility is that other teams simply changed the way they played and are now beating your previously winner strategy. :)



October 17, 2008 13:52

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Man Utd 4 × 7 Liverpool

4-4-2 formation 4-3-3
49% possession 51%
23 shots 16
21 shots on target 14
71% accurrate passes 50%
63% effective tackles 60%
2 corners 1
10 offsides 1
12 fouls 44
does this supose to be a joke?
Half of shots on target by liverpool ended in goal… loloolol
44 fouls? is this really soccer?


October 17, 2008 14:58

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Either a terrible keeper or superb strikers…or luck!

All numbers should go down after a few tweaks we have planned for the match engine. ;)



October 17, 2008 21:12

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My goalkeeper:

Jamie Hewitt
Position: G
Side: -
Keeping: 87
Tackle: 39
Passing: 61
Shooting: 40
Speed: 72
Dribble: 68
Control: 68
Header: 80
Aggressiveness: 36
Stamina: 98

The player who scored five of the 7goals of liverpool:

Lazaro Quintanilla Marmole
Position: A
Side: C
Keeping: 43
Tackle: 73
Passing: 75
Shooting: 82
Speed: 78
Dribble: 77
Control: 74
Header: 80
Aggressiveness: 6
Stamina: 94

you should review serious the match engine!!!!


October 17, 2008 23:17

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I’m already fixing some bugs in the match engine before improving it, which will be my next step ;)

Thanks for the feedback!


December 13, 2008 01:16

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OK. You deleted my posts in the other forum. I accept it. However, I believe that the recent modifications in the game engine did not contribute to a positive development of rubysoccer. Have a look at recent matches and their outcomes … I only cite Karlsruher SC – Hoffenheim 9-0 in medium ticker … There are several outcomes of matche in other divisions … This is not real and I believe that the recent changes in the game engine were not tested before publishing.

I am participating in rubysoccer for a long time. I enjoyed the game and I also accept that the rubysoccer is still “beta” … Several modification for improving it have been posted and I agree with most of them. But the adopted changes to the game engine should have been tested before in some “gamma” or “omega” version.

My point is: Please do some tests elsewhere with the game engine before publishing it.

Sorry for posting some messages to the other list …



December 13, 2008 10:09

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The explanation for that result is simple Dr. Gullit, you were using only one defender on mentalities -1 or 0 and this defender had a move forward individual tactic, making your goalkeeper vulnerable to the opponent shots, so his defensive power was affected by his dribbling skills (defensive power * dribble / 100). The purpose of this enhancement is to be more realistic and punish teams with no real defenders. In order to not receive this punishment you must have at least one defender on -1 or 0 mentalities with no individual tactics telling him to move forward to +1 or midfield.

Hope this helps.



January 20, 2009 21:51

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I have been noticing some weird behaviour on player tactics in the replays. When i put a defender on stay position on having the ball he moves forward of left/right. When i say to a midfielder move back when not having the ball he stay on the midfield. I feel like those input for tactics has absolute no use or do i see that wrong?


January 20, 2009 22:14

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When you say stay on position it means he will behave according to its assigned position, it doesn’t mean he won’t move. The wording could be better, we know that, something like “play position”. The move back instruction means the player will behave as if he was placed in the position right behind the one he belongs. For example, a central midfielder on mentality 0 with a move back tactic will behave as if he has been placed on mentality -1, it doesn’t mean he will immediately move back.

Hope this helps :)


January 21, 2009 04:59

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This Game was a friendly and i had my youths/reserves combination against best of juventus. May be that contributed to the final score being 9 – 0 in favour of Juventus. I don’t know if this information will be of any help. I accept my 16 yr old goalkeeper had 64 keeping skill..

Final Score 9 × 0
Juventus -———- Bordeaux
2-4-4 formation 4-4-2
61% possession 39%
30 shots 7
28 shots on target 6
66% accurrate passes 84%
70% effective tackles 10%
5 corners 0
0 offsides 7
8 fouls 6

Curiously i had 84% accurate passes against juve’s 66%


May 16, 2009 01:12

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I have a “weird” series of results, and I’ll be fair at the point to put the one that I won(!!!) ! lol…

Here we go:

Empoli 1×0 Genoa
Genoa is the leader, and my team ain’t that bad, even been a surprise I guess it could happen to beat them occasionaly.

Albinoleffe 1×1 Empoli
Albinoleffe does not have a manager, is in the very last position on the Italian championship, how come we tie after I beat Genoa in the previous round? Could I be that unlucky?

Empoli 0×0 Triestina
Triestina is a pretty good team, I just think at my stadium I could ’ve won.

Mantova 2×0 Empoli
Expected result, I dont really see much wrong with it.

The “climax” on this series of result was my tight game against albinoleffe, which I really think could be different. And also after a long series of victories, 3 bad results in the row.


May 16, 2009 21:20

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I don’t know if there is anything wrong with the match engine, but football is kinda random(sometimes) at real life aswell.


May 17, 2009 08:37

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even if there is something wrong with the match engine, it is same for both the sides, so, that should even it out:)


May 23, 2009 07:10

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This keeper needs a drug test.


G * Édson Paes 10.0
D Martin Robinson 5.8
D Mike Atkinson 5.9
D Jon Jeffrey 8.0
D Léon Gruson 6.0
M Paul Greig 3.6
M Daniel Butterfield 4.6
M Cláudio Guerra 2.3
M Kevin Senior 9.7
A Craig Dunkley 8.1
A Geremias Suances 6.1

Manager: Ari Antinkaapo
2 × 0

4-4-2 formation 3-4-3
44% possession 56%
11 shots 39
11 shots on target 37
92% accurrate passes 93%
48% effective tackles 61%
3 corners 9
1 offsides 7
14 fouls 9

G Malek Henri 6.8
D Jerônimo Ilha 9.3
D Federico Oliva 8.3
D Vincent Deslandes 10.0
M Nicky Marsden 7.7
M Paul Richardson 8.1
M Sean Hawke 7.7
M Heitor Peralta 4.8
A César Abrego 8.8
A Jermaine Asaba 7.2
A Aldo Gonzalez Vazquez 10.0
A Baltasar De Igualada 7.6

Manager: Luc Blomme
Formation: League

1 min: The referee shows De (a) a yellow card.
17 min: Dunkley (h) scores
22 min: The referee shows Dunkley (h) a yellow card.
26 min: Dunkley (h) scores
27 min: The referee shows Guerra (h) a yellow card.
42 min: The referee shows Atkinson (h) a yellow card.
50 min: Abrego (a) replaces De (a)


May 25, 2009 23:01

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is it me or are the amount of shot the same before the enchancement and the score is still low/weird? I had this game;
G Paolo Marini 7.4
D Floriano Sarasola 5.8
D Roberto Iavarone 7.8
D Carlos Murta Player_substitution_entered 4.0
D Sandro Illario Player_substitution_left 7.6
M Luciano Alves 10.0
M * Léandro Torralba 10.0
M Euclides Alcântara 10.0
M Pinto Saraniti 10.0
A Adílson Sardinha 9.1
A Manuel Martín Player_goal 10.0
A Ricardo João Paulo 9.6
1 × 0
3-4-3 formation 3-5-2
52% possession 48%
37 shots 5
35 shots on target 5
95% accurrate passes 87%
69% effective tackles 51%
10 corners 0
3 offsides 0
6 fouls 16
G Luis Conrad 9.5
D Dionísio Branco 5.7
D Bennet Weise 6.0
D João Tó Figueira Player_yellow_card 8.4
M Diego Sousa Player_substitution_left 9.7
M Ferdinando Cristofari 8.4
M Demétrio Feijó 3.9
M Reno Leone 6.4
M Antonio Atencio 6.3
A Luís Costa Pinto Player_substitution_entered 5.9
A Leonardo Macrì 4.1
A Christopher Risley 7.6
His keeper might be good, but 3 pounding attackers on his ass with 1 100 shooter deserve more goals? Ofc i’m happy with just a win ;)

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