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June 06, 2008 21:12

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ex-managersim for a couple of years. Won an FA cup in fulltest (I think…) with Wolves… from 1st division yet! Did get them up into the premier, and competitive… but tough to crack the top teams there.

Was Amiens in… Eurotest?… finally developed some really good keepers in that game… figured it out towards the end there. Maybe just because the better managers were leaving.

Joined here early… and left. Wasn’t loving this game initially. Came back after a while… and MUCH better now. And continuing to improve.

FWIW I really like fast ticker… but having problems developing the love for medium tick.


June 09, 2008 09:45

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I’m another ex-managersim and ex-soccersim manager…

Javier Palacian.


June 09, 2008 14:29

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eheheh….i was a managersim manager xD
i had the best team in spanish league…Salamanca…i got all my players in free transfer , i got to first division and the title was always mine… i got really upset when it ended because i had a really good team :)

best regards…diogo…


June 10, 2008 04:08

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Game Master


Also an ex-managersim manager. But only the last 2 years of the game…



July 03, 2008 22:25

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Long time no see. :)


August 31, 2008 19:45

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Also an ex-managersim and soccersim manager…I managed for long years Valencia in Fulltest

I started about one day in this new game, and i’m with Bolton

Excelent work by the creators in this game



December 28, 2008 08:48

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Ex soccersim and managersim. PLayed it for a total of 4 years. Played all those years in eurotest with Middlesbrough. In the end I was ranked #1 in the game before they pulled the plug. Right above Rui Antunes who was #2 with his Mallorca. I was runner up twice in CL in the last 2 seasons of the game.

In the end my team had an avarage age of 23 and I earned about 100 mill a year with just tickets and merchandising. I had a wage bill of only 350k, wich was extremely low for a team like mine.

I think I also had the record for most expensive sale. I sold a 100/100 dm for 250 mill to Genoa.

Well, I think thats enought bragging for now :)…still need to prove myself with Brest in Fastticker :)


January 06, 2009 10:31

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I was with SS/MS too. I managed Liverpool for a long period in one of the challenge games and Marseille in Fulltest. Was gutted when the site closed :(


January 24, 2009 12:14

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Hi Guys
I played Slowone(spanish League) and Eurotest(Man Utd) enjoyed playing and learning a lot from the types of Enzo and Pat Cimitier, to name a few. Lots of nice and helpful people, thats part of the reason why i played so long. Success is nice but enjoyment and friendship is what makes for a great game.
Thanks Sylvain for putting me back in the game, look forward to the friendly rivalry and banter, especially with my invalid squad. LOL

cheers Luc


January 25, 2009 00:18

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i’m ex eurotest to with uhmmm was it lorient? to long ago to remember correctly :)

And again like luc blomme said, sylvain putted me back in the game to!


March 01, 2009 11:09

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I’m one as well (fulltest) and I can confirm that 3 of my friends playing in the in Mediumticker are also former soccersim/managersim


March 03, 2009 19:39

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I’m surprised I never put my name on here. Not sure if many of you remember me, but I’m Henry Medeiros. I managed many teams along the way, but at the end I was managing Betis Sevilla in Eurotest. I joined SSim in it’s early days and always have a soft spot for Derby County as this was my first team in 3B. Again, like a few above, I have to “blame” Sylvain for getting me back into the game. Currently managing PSG in FastTicker.


March 03, 2009 20:47

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Hmm, some pattern going on here, i wonder if sylvain had some old scores to settle :) He got me back involved too. I was ex eurotest, was with chelsea last few seasons and played it for about 2 years


March 15, 2009 08:46

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Stephen Woodhead here, or “s1ephen” was my log in during SS. Seeing Hank Wood on my screen brought some memories back Henry. Lots of names above i recognise. Look forward to playing with you all again.

best wishes



March 15, 2009 12:02

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It’s an honor to have so many fellows from SS/MS here. I definitely remember you Stephen, always active in the forums and trying to help MS survive in its latest days until we realized there was nothing we could do anymore. Hope you enjoy our game and our growing community. Where is Chris Silcock? (did I spell it correctly?) He was also an active manager in the forums on MS :)


March 15, 2009 23:38

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still speak to sillycock on face book. will try and get him, pete waddell etc to come along too. thanks for the welcome ;-)


March 16, 2009 02:35

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Good to see you “Woody”!!


March 20, 2009 15:48

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I forgot I still had this on the server:

Oh, the memories.


March 30, 2009 12:56

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yeah the memories…darn. I think I will give Ruby another try starting today :D


March 31, 2009 22:34

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Dhimitri – now there is another name from the past!


April 02, 2009 22:48

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Hey stephen, where’s old boy Chris, your everlasting sidekick. You guys still playing TW?


April 03, 2009 02:48

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Paulo Verde, your name is very familiar from managersim.


April 04, 2009 11:39

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Hey Stephen……
Do you remember Jose Rocha?
From soccersim…sure
Just to tell you that i dindnt change my opinion/mind about you…
“Good luck”

Jose Rocha


April 04, 2009 21:09

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Lol – how could i forget Jose!

Yeah, still speak with chris on facebook along with GA, peter waddell etc. Think Pete and tiago netz still play TW but thats it, everyone else left.

trying to get the lads to join here

btw Jose, what opinion was that ?? :-)

best wishes



April 05, 2009 14:22

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Stephen, i did tell you back then not to give Jose your own sunset pic. 2 years later and he’s still very much on to you :D


April 07, 2010 13:17

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Hello. Just signed up here after finding the site when searching for ManagerSim on Google. Now a year and 2 days after the last post, I’m adding a comment :). I played SoccerSim/ManagerSim almost from the start and was sad when it finally died. I’ve been looking for a decent online footy management game ever since, have tried several but they always fell well short. Hopefully this will be the one :). I still have numerous screen shots I took of SoccerSim that I look at occasionally hoping that it will one day return. Reading through this, I recognise a lot of your names, I hope you’re all still on here a year after the last post.


August 29, 2011 20:37

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Idem as Molinari, but 1 year after. I tried some other days to search a managersim-alike site, but I never found this great place.

I was Lech Poznan and Le Havre in Eurotest the last couple of years, and Zenit in Slowtest.

I’m glad to see a bit of the old MS in Rubysoccer :)


August 29, 2011 20:57

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welcome! this forum has been on fire, i am currently on vacations, but glad to see the activity here!

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