Old players - Sell vs Fire Player

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November 06, 2020 06:33

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I’ve managed some great players, often into their late 30s, even early 40s.

There comes a time when the player’s skills have declined so much, that they are ineffective. Often their huge weekly wage is financially stupid to keep around.

It is hard to sell these players. It is more cost-effective to fire them. Both options seem rude to do to a Club Legend, a Super-Star that you have relied upon for years to lead your team.

Can we negotiate a cheaper wage for their final season?



November 06, 2020 11:29

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I don’t think that has ever been brought up the way you put it. Different from the player value, the wage requested is not influenced by age at all, just skills, stars and teammate wages. It does make sense to make them accept lower wages as they approach the end of their careers…will add that to our backlog.