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August 19, 2018 07:44

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Hi, can we remove player class? It makes the game too easy and now no top team will have a “B” player because they aren’t good enough and it’s easy to spot they aren’t good players.

Just my preference but I think the game was better before classes


August 19, 2018 08:26

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I knew you didn’t like to see classes on the screens but I didn’t know you disliked the feature altogether! There are lots of cool stuff we can do with player classes, you could argue we could still do those cool things if they classes were hidden…that’s true, but I think it would be weird to hide such information.

I’m not sure how easier it has become to spot top players, I feel most managers would be able to separate them just by looking at skills, regardless of classes. Also, if you take two players close to the border between classes you may still find some B players for example that in practice are better than A players. The games DOES not guarantee all A players play better than B players, the way the game evaluate players does not necessarily translate to real performance, our logic nowadays try to base that evaluation on the player skills real managers value, but it will never be perfect.


August 19, 2018 09:35

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Yeah that’s true, some B players are better but I don’t think all managers get that. I would prefer the claaa to be hidden, makes my team look worse with B players! Haha

I’m not completely set against the class showing, it’s fine, it’s just personally I’d like to see it gone or hidden.