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Contract negotiations : Too many players from same country

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January 12, 2018 13:04

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Gabriel I got this expectation with a contract negotiations of my attacker.

“Kostas Gazis is expecting a higher than usual wage. He thinks your team has too many players from his country.”

There are only 2 Greeks in my team, he and a midfielder. I don’t think these are too many on a total of 30 players.
Is this a bug? Or is the expectation made in percentages? In this case more than 5% = too many


January 12, 2018 13:25

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I think Kostas is a racist…


January 14, 2018 21:17

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The exact number of players that triggers this behaviour is determined in a funny way. When the player is generated with this priority (prefers less teammates from the same country as him) the game looks at all managed clubs in the dimension and checks how many players of that country are part of each of them. The player should then be marked to reject or demand a higher salary from at most 10% (I may be wrong on the exact percentage) of the human managed teams, if he was part of them by that time.

Practical example. In your example you have only 2 greeks, so we can assume that by the time the player was generated 90% of managed clubs had 1 or 0 greeks in the squad, and 10% had 2 or more. That means having 2 or more is within the player’s rejection / high salary threshold.

Hopefully I’m not being too technical and it makes sense! This particular priority will always have weird number for smaller countries, especially when we don’t have managers in those countries.


January 15, 2018 07:53

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Thanks for your explanation.
He accepted my offer so I hope he stays happy. I need him to score goals.

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