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Player Dev and Full Potential

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December 31, 2017 13:12

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Hi, so I’ve got this player who my Coaches report says

This player is unlikely to reach his full potential before his 30s

I got him at 30. Unfortunately, his main skill is now 11 points below his Evolution stage report.

Even more unfortunately, his skills are decreasing, he lost a point on his main skill.

So will you fix the coaches reports to say “this player cant reach his full potential ever, so your scout report was wrong, and your other coach report was wrong, waste of time to deal with this horrible player”


January 03, 2018 08:26

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Game Master


This was an issue which was mentionned before. The skill decrease after 30 was there from the very beginning of the game. The different improve profiles came later. So players with a profile of full improvement on 30 were already loosing their skills again.
It has been fixed by the devs a couple of seasons ago but only for new players.

Since you’re playing in mediumticker there will be older players that still have this crazy improve profile.
Be happy you have such a player. They will be extinct in short notice. ;-)


January 04, 2018 06:18

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He’s 89 passing, but rated D

So I cant sell him because hes a D.

I cant play him, cause he wont get better. Will just release him I guess.


January 04, 2018 18:08

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Example of a good player that simply never got enough playing time to reach his potential

Those players are perfect for smaller teams who want to build a good squad cheaply – although it does take some effort to give those players some field time in the beginning

Happened to me with my GK in fast. Had never played a match before his 30s, got him on free transfer. Now he plays for England national squad…


January 06, 2018 12:44

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That is cool mate!

My guy’s skills have started decreasing. Don’t think he can increase skills??

I played him in over 10 games, so it seems like a lost cause. I should have played other younger players instead.

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