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December 08, 2017 21:37

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Plays better when playing on second half only

Why is that considered a positive trait? That is just negative, saw it on a goalkeeper, useless.


December 10, 2017 21:18

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I have to agree that this trait is not useful for goalkeepers, but I had this before in some of my players and it seemed to work well for me. I had an attacker that had this trait and I always had a sub rule for him at 50 minutes, and he did pretty well. To be honest I didn’t compare his performance when I did this to when he played from start, now that I think of it.


December 11, 2017 20:38

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I like this trait for GKs when they are still young and improving. At least then, when I put them in matches to improve skills (always on the 2nd half), they won’t suck as much :-)


December 28, 2017 09:26

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How can u put in a low skill goalkeeper? They bleed goals and losses.

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