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December 10, 2015 16:03

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Hi there.
I have a player for many seasons, he started his career in my club.
Now, in the renewal process I offered a bit higher salary than he currently has and he doesn’t wish to negotiate anymore and will leave soon.
Can this be changed? I would like to keep this player, it has been an important player in my team and I would pay a higher salary but I don’t have the chance to.



December 10, 2015 23:08

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Some players now are very strict during contract negotiations and that must be the case for your player. The best way to avoid situations such as yours is to have the Negotiations investment area with a high level so that the suggested wage you see when offering a contract is as close as possible to a value the player would accept. There is no 100% guarantee the suggested wage will be enough but in practice I’ve had no issues so far (I’m on level 10, but if you have a bit less you can just offer a bit over the suggested wage and still be safe).

It wouldn’t be fair to revert the situation for you because we have declined to do so for other managers in the past. I’ve lost a player this way myself before the Negotiations area was created. The best course of action in this case is try to sell him as soon as possible.