What are you doing, seriously?

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October 11, 2013 08:27

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Hi guys,

Because I think this game has potential, I decided to make this post, instead of simply quitting. I manage Nancy, have a quite good team, had some sucess already, know some experienced players who helped me out in the start, with the game tactics and mecanics.

This last season with Nancy, has been totally ridiculous, in most games that I lost, i have 3 times more shots on target, and im talking about short and medium distance, have more ball possession, and not to mention, must better players and not even talking about the crapy keeper of most of the opponents I lost points to.

I understand that football has a considerable random factor, but this seasons results, go way past of reasonable expectations. i would understand losing points to a highly motivated team, with a 7 game winning streak, but cannot understand losing points against a weak bot, playing at home, making near the triple of shots on target.

This is constructive criticism, i hope you take good use of it.




October 11, 2013 13:00

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Your defender are weak and your goal keeper low in speed….


October 11, 2013 14:19

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Ok, so you’re an expert, maybe you can explain me this then:

Chateraux vs Nancy: 3 – 3
4-4-2 formation 4-4-2
46% possession 54%
8 shots 28
7 shots on target 23
91% accurrate passes 90%
35% effective tackles 54%
0 corners 4
6 offsides 2
11 fouls 4

Btw, those are short distance shots. Opponent’s best Goalkeeper has gk 80, and speed 91.

Or, this one:

Nancy vs Guingamp: 2-2
4-3-3 formation 4-4-2
51% possession 49%
26 shots 10
19 shots on target 7
93% accurrate passes 91%
56% effective tackles 40%
5 corners 0
2 offsides 3
7 fouls 8

Guingamp’s keeper is weaker than mine in every sense.

Or even this one, althoug the keeper is a little better:

Auxerre vs Nancy : 3 – 1
4-3-3 formation 4-4-2
44% possession 56%
9 shots 29
8 shots on target 25
87% accurrate passes 93%
40% effective tackles 62%
2 corners 7
5 offsides 2
8 fouls 4

And there are many more examples, but I don’t have time or patient to copy paste them all. Don’t go blaming my keeper, especially if the opponent’s keeper isn’t better than mine.. I won’t accept that as justification for those results.




October 12, 2013 07:08

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game is just shit atm no improvement for 3 months


October 12, 2013 13:37

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If the game is shit… easy… leave him….. i think is better without you and Sunderland with a CPU manager certainly win more titles


October 12, 2013 22:45

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where’s the like button for that post?? lol.

just kidding Davison.


October 15, 2013 00:09

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come to England pussy LOL @ milan, see i choose to play where the big boys do id rather play vs human than cpu like your shit team lol @ you lance


October 15, 2013 10:05

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Those results are unfair, I noticed this myself when your team was low down in the league. Put it down to a bad season :)

Plus don’t try wind Davison up, he loves it lol adds fuel to his fire!