Unbelievable and Quitting

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August 11, 2013 22:45

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I know i won’t be missed and you dont have to read this.


Yip, i’m quitting the game after this season!
What a BS. a 82 keeping with 71 control??
This team has player with prime skill above 90.
Best 4 defenders: 87 85 83 81
midfield 95, 84, 81
attack: 83,82,81

3/4 of the players have only sec stat below 80!!!

I;m putting way to much time into this game to see BS like that.
Fuck the randomness etc.
Gabriel, seriously you have done a great job, but this stuff is way more BS then i can handle and want to put time and effort in.


August 11, 2013 23:51

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i wont be far behind im starting to fuckn hate this game


August 12, 2013 18:36

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So let’s say in real life, if you have a team with a lot of players who are in the national squad (Feyenoord) and another team that has only players with low stats (PEC Zwolle), it would be bullshit if PEC would win?


August 13, 2013 08:12

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Nice actual example Dimitri!
But in real life you that Feyenoord isn’t that good at all right? ;)

What i am saying is that when a team has a THAT much bigger pointlead then it should be a done deal in most of the times. In this case you can’t even compare Feyenoord and PEC with that much because then we where talking about Feyenoord vs Ijsselmeervogels.

Also, how realistic is Ajax:

Pos Team P W D L GF GA Pts

CL 1 Ajax 24 23 1 0 92 10 70
CL 2 Roosendaal 24 17 4 3 53 22 55

1 draw in 24 matches, 92 goals in front and only 10 against?
Barcelona in real life isn’t even playing that. And when i look at his team,i’m not sure if that is the dreamed team everybody wants…kudo’s for him, but it is BS.


August 13, 2013 09:47

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Ajax did win the world cup in season 42… maybe his tactics/strategy is very good.


August 14, 2013 07:01

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Well, without sometimes strange matchresults I still think tactics are overrated. There should be more variables for the outcome of a good result.


April 04, 2014 14:07

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I think the problem with this game is not that some week teams randomly may win some stronger teams. This happens in real life too and after all it is part of the beuaty of the game.

The real problem is what Smithers says here, that Ajax for instance never loses. Or Juventus in Italy medium ticker. THis team has undoubtely the best players, but in the Italian league, there are at least 6 more teams every given season which are highly competitive. But Juventus easily wins both titles for the past 20 seasosn or so. This is impossible, unrealistic and destroys the game.

How can this happen? Does the manager knows how the machine works? Are all other managers idiots? Personally speaking, and having the SS experience, I am certainly not an idiot, given that on SS I used to win several titles as well as lose some. But there was never a team to win all titles for that many seasons.

And please, no more “randomness” comments, because random should be for all teams with no exclusions.