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July 28, 2013 02:37

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Today, in the top match between the two leading teams of the campionato, Siena lost away by 1-0 to Juventus. This is not strange, since Juve is the … usual championship since … forever. The strange thing is that between 70’ – 80’, my team (Siena) had 3 injured midfield (!!!) players (I assume caused by hard tackling) and 1 red card on my attacker (!!!), while the opponent received only a red card for the pressumably hard playing, following the 2nd injured player of my teAm. Siena ended up with 9 players (I had made a substitution by free will in 70th minute-when the masica started)…

I would very much like an explanation on this by Gabriel, but pls avoid comments like random factor, because I am starting to believe that nothing is random in that game….


August 07, 2013 15:18

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Sometimes it is as it is. I know that is a shitty answer. I also sometimes have the feeling things are not right.

For example just a few ticks ago, steady champion Ajax was playing the nm 2 Veendam. I as Roosendaal nm3 with 3 points behind on Veendam had to play against a relegation team with almost only players off max 85 prime skill and secundairy skills all below 80.
Ajax- Veendam was a draw and guess what? I had a draw as well. Just like things needed to be kept like it was.

5-4-1 formation 4-4-2
45% possession 55%
9 shots 24
6 shots on target 19
85% accurrate passes 93%
34% effective tackles 68%
2 corners 1
1 offsides 3
11 fouls 6

And ofcourse the story is that their keeper had the match of his life (10.0). But that keeper (91 keeping and 92 control) should be easily passed by my strikers (90 shooting and 96 control and my other striker 100 shooting and 89 control) IMO. Especially with 19 shots on target.
Sometimes i have the feeling that some clubs need to become champion.

Pos Team P W D L GF GA Pts
CL 1 Ajax 18 17 1 0 68 5 52
CL 2 Roosendaal 18 15 1 2 42 14 46

Also kinda sick that in a strong league like the Dutch is, that the nm 1 has only 1 draw after 18 matches and a 68-5 goalsheet. That in no way is in reall soccer the same.


August 08, 2013 08:19

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Guys, I can guarantee there is nothing forcing results to happen based on the current standings, even though there should be on some cases. So the injuries on that match were only caused by the settings for that match + injured players stamina + tackling setup + players aggressiveness and, of course, a little bit of randomness.