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World class player for sale in Zaragoza

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August 07, 2018 01:14

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I need money really badly and am selling my best player. Attack/Mid, he can play anywhere and be successful. He’s a late bloomer, only became a superstar at 29 years old, he will be good for another 5-6 seasons. He has 90s across the board check him out!

Name: Raúl Sacedón
Age: 30
Nationality: Spain
Club: Zaragoza
Previous club: -
Estimated Value: $59,041,762
Star status: Star Level 6 (New player hiring bonus)
Position: AM
Side: C
Keeping: 37
Tackle: 72
Passing: 91
Shooting: 93
Speed: 90
Dribble: 93
Control: 95
Header: 90
Aggressiveness: 71
Stamina: 99
Pressure handling: Good
Good trait: Less likely to get injured
Bad trait: Plays worse when playing on second half only

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