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National Team Goals

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March 29, 2016 17:11

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Considering I won every match with England since being hired and my goal in the WC was to reach the Semi Finals (at least that’s what I recall…), why was I fired from England?

I don’t mind, would probably leave the team any way, I am asking more out of curiosity…

PS: Once I was fired from Belgium for losing in the first match, although my goal was only to “improve the squad”, which I read as “we won’t fire you no matter what!”…


March 29, 2016 21:59

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The rules for national teams are very simplistic at the moment. You’re fired if you don’t achieve your goals in the continental cup or if you don’t overachieve in the world cup. The only exception is if you win the world cup you’re not fired, even if your goal was to win it, as there is no way to overachieve :-)


March 30, 2016 13:24

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Got it! Thanks!

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