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September 17, 2015 17:56

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For the first time in history a Paraguayan team will bring home the title of Champion of the Americas. Either Luque or Asunción will celebrate the Libertadores title as Sportivo Luqueño will play Olimpia in the final.

Delio Martinez, Paraguay international star and Sportivo’s captain has caused a stir in the country when he commented “Luque will crush those snobs from the capital” after learning Sportivo would play Olimpia for the title. “Referee won’t help them now like he helped them in the Cup’s final”. Riots were reported between supporters from both teams after the declarations.

Manager Fabio Moraes challenged Olimpia’s coach for a beer – winner takes all!


September 17, 2015 18:12

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Don’t wanna be Olimpia’s coach right now…

And Sol de America’s coach will join the party for a cold one!


September 17, 2015 23:35

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Really nice achievement! Paraguay has consolidated it’s second place position in South America now, that’s what I was trying to do with Colombia but it’s pretty hard when you’re playing alone in a country. I’m taking up a new challenge next season and joining a Brazilian team, maybe my next move once I’m happy with my achievements there (or lack of) will be to Paraguay if you guys are still around.


September 18, 2015 11:56

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Venga a Paraguay!


March 04, 2016 04:03

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Once again the victorious team from the small town of Luque will face the evil forces of the capital for the title of the Americas. This time the contender is Lua de Cristal

Delio Rodriguez, the historical Sportivo player, has said “I came back to Luque this season as a reserve just to see this team go back to where it belongs – on the improvised stage in the middle of the field, holding the trophy! I just want to see us crashing those snobs from the capital like we did 7 years ago”

Mr. Fabio Moraes refused to give interviews after being caught on tape calling the referee at the semi-final “a Cruzeiro supporter, dirty criminal, f*ing bastard”. Sportivo has 5 players suspended for the final for disciplinary points


March 04, 2016 11:35

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Questioned about Fabio Moraes’ declaration about the referee on their semi-final match, manager Gabriel Cesario told the press the Sportivo Luqueño’s manager need to be careful with his words.

“I admire Fabio for his achievements but he was talking nonsense about our semi-final. If his players can’t be controlled and get lots of cards it’s not my fault. I had two injured midfielders that would tell you a different story.”

It’s the second season in a row Cruzeiro is beaten by Sportivo Luqueño in Libertadores, last season the confrontation happened on the quarter-finals and the winner was decided after a penalty shootout.

“They have a great goalkeeper but we missed too many opportunities during the 180 minutes, I need to concentrate in improving my own squad. After 4 consecutive Brazilian titles in Libertadores we’ll have Paraguay once again in the top spot. They have even beaten us in ranking points this season and will be 4th place in the country ranking next season, very good stuff!” – said the Cruzeiro manager.


June 30, 2016 14:57

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Paraguay’s History in Libertadores:

117- 1st Final (Luqueño)
119- 1st title (Luqueño) / 1st Paraguay only Final (vs. Olimpia)
121- 2nd title (Luqueño)
126- 3rd title (Luqueño) / 2nd Paraguay only Final (vs. Sol)
127- 1st final in a row (Sol – runner-up)
128- 4th title (Sol)
129- 5th title (Sol)
130- 6th title (Luqueño) / 1st 4 teams in Quarter Finals / 1st 3 teams in Semi Finals
131- 7th title (???) / 3rd Paraguay only Final / 6th final in a row / 1st 4 TEAMS IN SEMI FINALS (played only against human-managed Brazilian teams in quarter finals)!!!!!


June 30, 2016 21:58

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Great accomplishment Fabio! Let’s see if you can do the same next season when I’m back to Libertadores ;-)


July 03, 2016 09:59

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I should return to Santa Fe and boil up the competition! ;)

Well done Paraguay! I now search your country for players because of your achievements


July 04, 2016 14:09

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Please do not return to Santa Fe

I prefer facing Reading in the Club World Cup


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