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No Keeper for 30min?

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August 30, 2013 14:46

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The logic needs to be changed regarding injured keepers with no more substitutions available. During the Libertadores quarter final match against Chacarita Juniors my keeper was injured at the 60th minute, and since I had already made all my substitutions, he was not able to be subbed, this is normal and I understand this, the problem is that my team played 30 minutes without a keeper, I think the logic needs to be changed so that a player already in the field takes the keeper’s spot (it can be picked using the payer with better keeper rating already in the field). Luckily Chacarita only scored 1 goal when I had no keeper.


August 31, 2013 23:23

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Wow, that’s unfortunate! Thanks for pointing that out :-)


September 01, 2013 18:00

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How can u not score more then 1 goal in 30min if you have no keeper????


September 01, 2013 18:29

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That’s a little far from realistic :P


September 02, 2013 23:01

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The players have no intelligence to realize there is no keeper, so they were not shooting as much as they should, clearly :-)
Also, they could have been missing their shots and not hitting the target. Again, not realistic as you wouldn’t have much trouble aiming at an empty goal…


September 02, 2013 23:26

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Maybe theres something to improve then…
Every time a team has a non-keeper playing as keeper( like its going to be from now on probably ), the other team could try more shots!
Im not sure if this could be a solution but you might do that switching automatically the shooting distance to long(?).

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