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Renew scout report

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July 31, 2013 12:28

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Looks like the first scout report was from a drunken scout and when they sober up they see things totally different:

G 19
Potential: Current:
96 82
32 32
84 71
28 28
82 80
90 84
86 78
73 76

and in the mean time he played every friendly or was on a loan with a 9+ in improvement team (i have 10)
Skill Current Value Potential Value
Keeping 82 83
Tackle 32 32
Passing 71 85
Shooting 28 28
Speed 80 89
Dribble 84 89
Control 78 91
Header 76 82


August 01, 2013 12:33

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so it works.. ;)



August 01, 2013 20:10

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don’t forget, we have to assume that the older a player gets, the more accurate the stats CAN be (provided scouting is at 10).
it would be boring if every report gave a perfectly accurate report… what would the point of that be? in real life, we can’t know for sure if a player will hit their full potential or not…


August 02, 2013 09:10

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True, but so far all renewals drop down like a fly.
Also from keepingpotential 96 to 83 in a few months????


August 02, 2013 10:38

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i disagree charles alot of young players get 1st team play after prooving thier self in the 2nd team. shit even 9 year olds now get contracts look at messi

it was widely known he was going to be a superstar at young as 15. so ya thats bullshit. a Scout needs to do thier job we spend these points for the level we request. how the fuck can a 10 scout get the same accuracy as a 1 scout ive found this out and i have realised it was dirived so fast that it makes sense that this is really something that is ment to seem like something but really does fuck all.

tell me im wrong via facts which non of us know… would gabriel admit to this ? no. scouting at 10 level should be 90% accurate


August 03, 2013 14:23

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honestly, until it was REALLY DIFFICULT to get to scouting 10, then i don’t think current scouting should change.
its so easy to get to 10 scouting now that all teams that are at 10 scouting will probably get a really big advantage over other teams… thats not fair nor balancing the game in my opinion.
when its really tough to get to 10 scouting, then perhaps it should be 90% accurate cause it would have taken time and effort to get to it. as soon as scouting as available, i bumped it up to 10 right away…


August 03, 2013 15:53

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Im not against the scout system being more accurate, but if it gets, the number of scouts should be lower…


August 06, 2013 12:44

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So maybe more accuracy and less frequent scout report requests available?


August 06, 2013 20:09

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Sounds good Gabriel, I agree with that change


August 07, 2013 15:21

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I like it the way it is… I feel the game will become much easier if you made finding GOOD players easier. Now, my team has never been uber successful, but I enjoy the hunt for good players and understand that it is hard to find them – as it should be. I think I’ve done OK considering that ITALY can’t produce talent, lol :)

I know that a player will receive a more accurate evaluation as he gets older… so if I believe in the player I signed, I wait until he gets older and scout him again and again. I saw it work first hand with my strikers – also saw it fail with some defenders. Oh well, cut your losses and start looking again. It all just makes sense to me and I think Gabriel implemented this feature right.


August 07, 2013 15:22

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Same here! Although spending 10 boardpoints is also a big thing.
Perhaps there should be a possibility to loose boardpoints as well? So that it would be hard to get 10 scoutingspoints?
But scouting should be accurate till lets say a margin of 4/5 points. 14 points off is just really nonsence.


August 08, 2013 08:17

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You can lose board points if your performance + remaining budget degrades when compared to the previous season. When that happens you will notice that some starting levels for the new season are lower than in the previous.


August 08, 2013 15:22

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you still dont get a higher starting transfer spending salary with level 10 regardless of board performance = 100% and 200m or more left over after the season. this game constantly f’s me over

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