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October 26, 2008 15:37

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Let’s start the feedback :-)

First of all I find it great!

I suggest that also the 5 most recent results are showed when you want to see your results against a manager/team.

Maybe the attendance in your stadium is also an option. Then you can see very easily your stadium was full during the season.

I have no more suggestions at the moment.



October 26, 2008 18:46

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Hmm, the attendance average might be interesting. But maybe it would be more appropriate in the financial screen, what do you think?

Right now the statistics computer only shows results from the seasons < current season – 2. We are considering to change this and make it show all the statistics from all seasons : that will automatically include the 5 most recent results, which will appear in the “View current game result set” link. I will see if I can do that right after I finish all my initial plans for this screen.

Another thing is to use the firstname + lastname in the “Against manager” criteria.

thanks! Cheers


October 27, 2008 06:37

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Game Master


The attendance average in the financial screen seems ok to me. Indeed. It’s a better place then in the computer statistics.


October 27, 2008 07:44

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some overall stats for league or gameworld (teamwise):
- avg attendance and avg atendance/stadionsize
- avg player wages
- highest wages ingame (currently)
- avg player values (dito)
- most expensive transfers (last 5 seasons)
- spendings for new players (last 2 seasons)
- avg age of the player (squad or last league match)
- formation used
- wins/draws/loses per formation
- hall of fame (for each competition, most titles ranking)


October 27, 2008 07:50

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personally i would like to see some manager and team specific stats on the team info site and/or the managers profile:

team info
- trophy cabinett with number&year of titles (each competition)
- best team ranking position (time)
- current team ranking position
- points for uefa ranking in the last five season
- position based on points for uefa ranking in the last five season

manager info
- trophy cabinett with number&year of titles (each competition&team)
- best manager ranking position (time)
- current manager ranking position
- teams position when manager took charge and teams position when he left (fired etc.)


October 27, 2008 08:16

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Some of the things you listed are in our plans Philipp, specially the trophy cabinet per manager, team and competition. :)


October 27, 2008 09:24

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Other than what Gabriel has already mentioned:

I like your suggestions, Philipp. We will add some of them to the game gradually, but not in the statistics computer screen (or maybe in another tab inside it). Some of them only makes sense for recent seasons, so they may not be appropriate there.