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August 28, 2008 03:48

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I noticed there was a big change on the way the points a team earns in international competitions is calculated.
Could someone explain me the new system?



August 28, 2008 09:30

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Another thing to add in our game help :)

We’ve changed the point calculation system when we decided to unify the country ranking. As Champions League and UEFA Cup have one round more than Libertadores and Sudamericana the european teams would have the chance to earn more points than south american teams, unbalancing our ranking.

In the old system, a victory was worth 2 points while a draw was worth 1 point and there were some 1 point awards for advancing to another round on some competitions, so a team that qualified for the first round and won all matches in the competition would get:

22 points on Champions League
21 points on UEFA Cup
17 points on LA
17 points on CS

The idea in the new system is that the maximum points you can get in each competition is the same, 100, so we mapped the 1 point in the old system to a different value depending on the competition in this new system.

old system → new system
1 point → 100 / maximum_points_in the competition

For Champions League: 1 point → 100 / 22 = 4.545
For UEFA Cup: 1 point → 100 / 21 = 4.762
For Libertadores: 1 point → 100 / 17 = 5.882
For Sudamericana: 1 point → 100 / 17 = 5.882

Hope this helps.


August 28, 2008 10:49

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Game Master


I understand your point. In Europe is a round more. But in Europe there are maximum 7 international places (4x CL and 3x UEFA) and in South America there are 10 international places (5 Lib. and 5 Sudam.).

So in South America you can in general earn more points. So they have a big advantance for youths, etc…

So is this system balanced? I don’t think so. Now with the same points system South American teams can earn more points in general (all together).


August 28, 2008 13:43

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But the country score is the average score of its teams, not the sum, so it doesn’t matter how many international places a country have. In some cases it may even be worse to have too many teams if some of them are not strong enough to score points on international competitions. What really makes the ranking unbalanced for Brazil right now is the lack of managers on Argentina :D



August 28, 2008 17:55

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So, European teams don’t have a chance against Brazil because of the competition, but isn’t it unrealistic ? Only strong competition should make strong teams. Why not implement coefficient ? For example, playing against clubs from strong countries will have a 1.+ point coefficient, but playing against Argentina (or another very weak county) will multiply your points by 0.7 or something like that.

I believe that it can also be good for game balance to add 3 more South American countries to make it 5 against 5. At first Brazil will dominate, but countries #2 and #3 in SA will also produce good youths and maybe managers will migrate from Argentina nad France there =)

I agree you are right saying that the lack of managers has a huge negative effect on the game balance, but maybe at least increase the number of clubs participating in CS and LA for Brazil and decrease this number for Argentina (not 10 v 10 but 14 v 6, dynamic numbers…)


August 28, 2008 19:29

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The coefficient idea is interesting and is a possible solution for the current unbalance. Adding more south american countries, well probably you’re right, it would make the competition more interesting in South America. The thing is, our system should work when we have ALL european and south american countries, then it will be like 10 SA x 50 EU but the competition should be pretty good. The number of clubs participating is dynamic in South America, but starting in the third place, which we don’t have yet ;)

I’m still confident we’ll be able to add more countries soon. Let’s see.

Thanks for your suggestions Alban, we’ll discuss that and maybe implement a temporary workaround to make this more balanced.


August 29, 2008 16:37

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I think it is very realistic to have Brazil as a top player factory… Indeed!


August 30, 2008 08:12

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would have been fair to adjust/re-calculate the points for the seasons before the change was implemented… :/


August 30, 2008 09:33

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Find out where the points come from on each season for each team in order to adjust them wouldn’t have been easy Philipp…but you’re right, it would have been more fair :/