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August 07, 2008 22:13

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I’m currently working on bankruptcy. Here is what will happen when a team’s balance becomes negative:

1) Physioterapy department will be downgraded

2) Coaching department will be downgraded

3) Non-keepers players will be “sold” by their current value or estimated value, whatever is bigger. The team receives the money and the player is destroyed, as if he has retired. If the player was loaned no compensation will be paid for the team who had loaned the player. Transfer listed and players with high wages will be sold first. At least 13 players will be left.

4) Same will happen for keepers. At least 1 keeper will be left.

Notice that not all these steps may happen, as soon as the team’s balance becomes non-negative this process stops. If in the end the team’s balance is still negative the manager is fired (if there was a manager) and the team is financially restructured, with all players wages adjusted to a fair value and receiving enough money to be in a regular financial situation.

Be prepared ;-)


August 09, 2008 18:49

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I don’t like this bankrupt system.

It’s hard to sell a regular player… I guess it’s better not to renew players contracts or releasing them for free as it happens when a team can’t pay a player salary… That’s my suggestion.

this “destruction” of a player is unfair… a bankrupted player doesn’t need to worry about finances because he will receive some money from the game board just because he is bankrupted, while an honest manager is obliged to sell players to balance finances. and it’s not always that the market is interested in our players… many times I fired second class players just to save their salaries. If I knew that they could be “destroyed” like you suggest, I’d never fired them… By the way, I’d never spent 3 seasons searching for financial balance.

My point is that the game engine should not “help” this players and teams.

I also don’t like this “cleaning the house” idea after a manager is fired. You know, the game engine should not inject money on teams without no purpose . Since this game don’t do this for teams who wins titles or achieves good positions, I don’t see why a bankrupted team should recive money like this.

So, if a team bankrupts, let it be. raise another team from “third division” and close the bankrupted one. Or let the bankrupted team playing with 13 players and no money until someone shows up to clean the mess.

That’s my point!



August 09, 2008 19:13

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Your point about not firing players to save their salaries makes sense Rafael, but remember our first action is downgrade departments, so a team would lose all departments before having these players sold. Maybe we could destroy the star players first (or higher wages) to discourage this use of the bankruptcy system.

The money injection is to give the next manager to get the team a chance to improve it. Imagine a situation where you start managing a team with 14 non youth players and 10 millions negative, what can you expect from this? Of course in a long term you could recover the team from this situation, but I thought most people wouldn’t be happy with that. Of course I may be wrong :-)

I’d like to read other people opinion, we can always change things when you guys are not happy with some particular logic or rule.

Thanks for your suggestions!


August 10, 2008 10:27

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I don’t like the idea of destroying players either. Why destroy ? Let’s sell them for highest bid :)


August 10, 2008 11:06

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A co-worker suggested highest bid…interesting for star players, not so good for regular players as nobody would buy them (in this case we would either release them for free after the auction period is over or destroy as we’re doing now). The player destruction is like a faster way, but an auction area in the transfers pages wouldn’t be bad ;-)



August 10, 2008 14:07

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Highest bid will also improve the transfer situation – no more exaggerated bids when you negotiate alone.

Nowadays CPU teams try to sign average players from the free transfer list, so this will not be a problem.

And I wanted to know if it is possible to make the “negative balance” period – for example, you have 30 turns to make the numbers “green”.


August 10, 2008 22:20

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The negative balance period was my first idea, but then I decided to try something different. It’s also an interesting alternative, for sure.