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April 08, 2008 11:40

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hi, can you tell why i had a player receiving an amount of 13k and now he appears receiving 76k.

Contract Begin: Season 4, Turn 1

Contract End: Season 8, Turn 1

can you please check this the history of this player for me?

player’s name Andreas Rabus


April 08, 2008 13:36

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That’s really strange pg, my guess is that the board automatically renewed his wage, but that should only happen if the number of players you had (that were not transfer or loan listed) at the time of contract renewal had reached the minimum allowed of 14 if I’m not mistaken.

Unfortunately we don’t have this kind of history yet, but we will :-(



April 08, 2008 14:56

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I’ve 27 players, and the contract of this player will only finish in season 8, turn 1.

I know that is strange, that why i post it, today I’ve $-6,058,655 and my objective was reduce all the salaries, because the computer teams use to buy players about 10Mk and more, now, they don’t buy it for any value, all the players teams are losing all the money, in the last season i use to have 30MK.