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January 18, 2008 15:24

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RubySoccer has been pretty unstable these days due to our server change. The main reasons to that change are the several restrictions we had on our previous server, where we were not free to install everything we needed, had some random restarts (which occasionally ocurred during the ticks), misteriously defined cpu share and non-acceptance of paypal as a form of payment.

On this new server we tried to use a different configuration, which looked pretty good in the beginning, but once the ticks run the overall performance was totally compromised due to the low amount of memory available. Unfortunately we have moved back to almost the same configuration we had in the previous server, even though we have more room for changes and growth in the new one.

That said, we’re having a hard time deciding what to do. We’re planning to improve our plan so that we have more memory available and therefore a better navigation performance even when the tick is running and also faster ticks. Ideally we should upgrade to a plan twice as good as ours in order to benefit for all the changes we’ve made for that improved configuration, but we’re not willing to pay for that at the moment, so what’s probably gonna happen is that we take an intermediate one. Hopefully that should be enough for now.

Our game is free and will remain this way, that’s part of our philosophy. Donations are there to help us paying our server and domain costs and improve the service in the future when the game becomes more mature. Let’s put the numbers in the table so that everybody clearly knows where we stand:

-total expenses with servers and domain: US$114,70
-total donations (paypal taxes deducted): US$70,38
-number of donators: 5
-monthly expense on our current plan: US$20,00
-monthly expense on the intermediate plan: US$27,00
-monthly expense on the ideal plan: US$36,00

In the future we’ll have a donations page to display this kind of information.

Remember, we’re not here asking for donations, even though they would certainly help improving the game experience, all we want is make it clear for everybody where we stand infra-structure and financially-wise so you can understand all the unstability we had lately. We’re looking forward to fix that as soon as possible.

Let’s go play and have some fun! :-)

p.s.: Wow, this got to be the longest post I’ve ever written!


January 18, 2008 21:47

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Just to let everybody know, we have changed to that intermediate plan I mentioned. So far so good, the navigation seems to be much better. Let’s wait for the next FastTicker tick before taking any conclusions.


January 19, 2008 22:33

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Well, you can increase donators by 1 :) I like the philosophy…

Once I said to start the Tranfers pages with a blank page, and then players could choose what type of transfers they want to see!

You could use this blank page one day for shortlists, and meanwhile you could start puting some google ads in many pages, starting in this one! This could get you some funds…


PS: BTW Fast tick is still updating… In aprox 30 minutes it will tick again!!!


January 20, 2008 02:52

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when you put Macau (or Macao – RAEM), near Hong Kong in the list of countrys that can use credit card?
If not, how can i help, for the new plan? Or this one? That is not good, beccause still ticking:)


January 20, 2008 11:13

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Thanks Hugo! The blank page is a good ideia, specially when we have shortlists.

Manuel, Macau is not on the paypal list I guess, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. Can you think of another way to donate? Not sure if you could make a deposit in a bank account (supposing the banks we have accounts in have branches in Macau). Let’s see what can be done.


p.s.: tick error is fixed, the current tick is the regular one.


January 20, 2008 12:59

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Having a white page on the transfers list, only increases the number of clicks. I dont think it is an improvement… At least remove the drop box and put some normal links to each transfer category (it avoids a lot of clicks )



January 20, 2008 13:08

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Just wanted to make it load faster Ricardo, specially if you want to check Free Transfers or Loans for instance, now you don’t have to wait until the transfer listed players are loaded before being able to use the filter you want. We can replace the combo with links. I’ll tell you what, I’ll create another topic for us to discuss that :-)