Multiple account user punished

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November 27, 2007 06:25

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Dereck William Schilte will be punished on both dimensions. He was warned in the past but did it again. He managed Nautico, Fluminense and Ipatinga on FastTicker, Palmeiras, Boca Juniors and Manchester United on MediumTicker, he will be fired from all his teams and they’ll lose all points in the league. The teams who lost or draw with their teams will get the points.

I know he is probably not the only multiple account user we have, but we have enough evidence to punish him.


November 27, 2007 06:44

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i will use this opportunity to repeat: we still dont have “the board”, so it is still not time to “test cheats” :).



November 27, 2007 06:52

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Congrats for the decision!!! Keep up the comitment and the good work!

A question: Will you correct the league table counting the victories to the clubs? At the moment we have only the points added.



November 27, 2007 06:55

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Thanks Gabriel and Danilo,
In the past I warned you to a possible Dereck cheats because he always win games by 30×2, 50×0 (Beta 2), problably he manage simultaniously this teams and improve one in detriment by the other. Now I’m very atempt to Cruzeiros manager (fast).
Thank you.


November 27, 2007 07:15

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i dont think those scores have much to do with the “cheat type” Dereck was performing. But, strong evidence found means punishment applied. This is our policy here.



November 27, 2007 08:32

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We have talked to him and apparently he was not aware that we forbid multiple accounts, so we gave him back Fluminense along with the points in the league. The decision remains the same for other 5 teams he managed. One evidence that he was not cheating is that he used his name on all 3 accounts. We’ll keep an eye on multiple accounts, hope this sort of thing never happens again.

About the number of draws and victories, they won’t be fixed, only the number of points. Sorry :-(


November 27, 2007 11:50

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It shoudnt be allowed that one user with the same name gets more than one team for each dimension. Automaticaly, i mean! :)



November 27, 2007 16:41

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If we did that, the person would simply choose another name if he or she wanted to cheat :-)


November 28, 2007 02:38

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At least he wouldn´t have the excuse to say that he didn’t know that he couldn´t manage more than one team…and it would be more dificult : he must log on diferent IP’s, has to get another e-mail account, and so on…

This point i believe it´s easy ans efficient!