Inactive managers fired

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October 03, 2007 20:08

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Inactive managers (1 month of inactivity) have just been fired. This will become an automatic process in the future and we’ll be clear about how much time of inactivity is necessary for a manager to be fired, probably less than 1 month. That will have to wait for “holyday mode” feature which will allow active managers to inform us that he won’t be able to access the game for a longer period, in that case he will be granted an extended period of inactivity before being fired. For now we’ll use the manual process on clearly inactive managers.



November 14, 2007 11:15

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Is there any others conditions in which a manager could be fired?



November 14, 2007 12:03

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Yes, if me or Danilo click on “Fire Manager”…mwahhahah!

Just kidding, we won’t do that without a good reason :-)

For now that is the only way to be automatically fired, but as soon as we implement the board you’ll have some goals in the season, if you don’t accomplish them, you may be fired.