Morale System

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October 20, 2013 21:26

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When it will be introduced?


October 21, 2013 02:04

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Oh gosh, no updates since August! Shame on us! I will be honest and say I haven’t really worked on it since then. We have been updating player morale behind the scenes though and looking at the data we have so far I can see that if it was already in place the average player morale would be 50. If you consider top teams the average is 70.

I know, who cares about these averages? You just want the system in place already. Alright, that’s fair enough, but unfortunately I can’t give you a date for that at this point. At least I’m happy with these averages and now I know the system currently in place to update them is a good starting point to build upon.



October 21, 2013 15:43

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Thanks for the update!