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September 09, 2007 22:14

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We needed a way to track your requests and the things that are happening inside rubysoccer.

As a result, we will give bugzilla a try. A bugzilla problem is that the user base will not be integrated with RS. An advantage is that it is a pretty mature bug tracking system. Let´s see what happens. It was a pain (yeah, right there) to install that on our server, where we don’t have root access.

Please help us by entering bugs/enhancements requests there. This will be an evaluation time for bugzilla here, but let´s make the best of it!

link: Bugzilla


September 10, 2007 09:25

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Help wanted: we need a couple of you guys to help us organize the bugs inside bugzilla. Time for us to start growing this team, it is difficult for me and Gabriel to take care of everything.

That doesnt mean that the rest of you can’t enter the bugs in bugzilla on your own, but the idea is to have a couple guys to organize things there and enter the bugs that are reported on forum but not there.