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June 24, 2009 18:45

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Too much complaining………………!!!!!!!!!!, I think that it is fine the way it looks, I am sure that there are things that people didn’t like at the beginning about something and guess what, WE have to deal with it.

What I mean is that I know that everyone like to do different things for their team, (like keep track of progress in Excel files) but I think that the game is not designed for this so just work around it. I think that the Flags look great and I do not care that the name comes out 2 times, I think that we should stop complaining about that, specially since Gabriel Danilo and others have worked so hard to be where they are.

I think we should start talking about other things, like an improved Club World Cup or even National Teams.

I don’t know but I think that the majority of players do not care about the flags, and I think that most of us are appreciative of this enhancement


June 24, 2009 19:06

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depends how much u do in excel, some players only check they stats of players, other make big sheets with all kind of stuff. For me it’s very annoying to get rid of the flags in excel and everytime now i want to make things in excel it’s almost a bloody day job.


June 24, 2009 19:10

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Don’t worry guys, I think we can stop talking about this subject already. For those using excel try your copy and paste with “hide flags” checked, it should be working now ;)


June 24, 2009 20:17

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doesn’t work the hide flag and then copy in excel (still getting the flags).


June 25, 2009 01:12

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That’s weird, it worked here. Have you tried to refresh the page (F5)? Which browser are you using?


June 25, 2009 03:39

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thanks gab, it works for me:). now i’m relieved.

although seems like the youth section still has some issues, with 2 different sets of players information appearing with and without the flags. but its easy to remove that… so, i won’t say anything about that.:) or did i already??;)


June 27, 2009 15:41

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i’m using firefox 3 i think, can’t check it atm..i’m not at home :)