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Soccersim Vets?

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July 01, 2008 11:05

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Just wondering if anyone else here used to play Soccersim. I played in the 3 tick a day game and I know there are a couple of others from the Winnipeg Crew playing RubySoccer now as well. Lets hope we can get a good active community going here, after all that’s half the fun!


July 03, 2008 16:44

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I started playing Soccersim when Fulltest was already ruined by the 100k plus seater stadiums, managing Hartlepool for a couple of seasons.
Then Challenge One began and that was the universe i liked the most, took Igea Virtus from Serie F to 2nd place in Serie A… never got to win it, the almighty Spal was invincible. Only got to win a couple of Italian Cups. That 12 ticks a day thing was great when all i had to do was study… :)
Then, in Challenge Two, i kept taking teams to their countries 1st division and changing, never really got attached to one. What i really liked there was grabbing young players and turning them to top notch ones. Stayed there until a few months before the game died, it was still fun but not the same with the stagnant development and the constantly growing tick time.

Now, at Wolfsburg, im not sure when (or if) the time for a new challenge will come. Maybe when (or again, if) i manage to win a CL… :)


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