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Xpert11 rubysoccer league

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May 17, 2009 22:40

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Hi guys,

I have created a league for users of this game. This is just to have something different to play as well :P It is good to vary your time consumption, and this game is perfect, it is simple yet not time consuming, just really need to log in twice a week.

League link:
League ID : 206368
League Admin: Grimm.or.jow

(the above link takes you directly to the league and send you an automatic invitation to it.)

The League will be structured so that if we get more than 12 teams, there will be League 1, League 2a, League 2b etc. etc.

============== This is in NO way an attempt to advertise another game, as stated above, this is just to get a taste for another football manager game that is different from rubysoccer. ==============

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