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Thoughts on Passing Style in Player Tactics

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July 31, 2018 13:09

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Passing Style in Player Tactics – what is more effective?
I mean, defenders are great tacklers, but not as good passers. So, should they be given a SHORT Passing Style, to ensure great accuracy?
However, being so close to goal means that any failed passes could easily result in an opposition shot on goal. Therefore, should the be given a LONG Passing style to ensure the ball is moved far away?

I found it difficult to determine how successful changes in player tactics actually are. Looking at match reports and player statistics in-game is difficult to see any patterns for success when varying my approach. I consistently lose regardless of my approach.

I am sure I could be doing this better, but I am curious as to your thoughts on this.



August 02, 2018 05:58

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Hard to say which passing style is the best. Good option for you should be test all of them in the match and then pick the optimal style of passing for your tactic.

Good luck!


August 08, 2018 22:24

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Then it would be great if the analytic section could be improved. Now it’s hard to compare player performance during several matches against different opponents with different tactics. It would be great if analytics could be done on player performance based on historical data related to tactics/ player position / opponent tactical formation.


August 09, 2018 00:07

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That’s an interesting idea…currently the player performance is not broken down to that level of detail, I’ll add an item in our backlog to do it!


August 09, 2018 21:09

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Looking forward to it!

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