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Hotlist Interface Urgent

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March 29, 2017 10:08

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the hotlist interface is in need of changing. Now that I have to delete all my hotlist players, I can not imagine how many hundreds of mouse clicks, and time, this is going to take. Can u put in a tick box, so i can select all, and a delete button, so i can delete the lot, its unable to be used to clean up the host list players.

With your latest email with the subject line: “clean up your hotlist or else”, Its going to take me well over an hour to:
- click the menu button at the top right
- scroll down to the bottom icon
- click it
- scroll down to the players hotlist link
- click it
- click on a player
- wait for it to load
- click on the coaches report
- scroll down to see if i have a scout report on it
- click on the remove player from hotlist link

  • Repeat the above process for every single damn player I have randomly clicked on ‘add to hotlist’ over the past year.

I dont want RSI. Thanks,


March 29, 2017 11:12

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I have added an option to remove from the hotlist from within the hotlist dialog itself. I’ve also added “(non-scouted)” beside the player name when there is no scout report for him, meaning he is impacting your scout searches. This was done pretty quickly so hopefully there are no bugs and it solves the immediate issue at hand!


March 31, 2017 06:33

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1. When you select the player position, the additional info (non-scouted) dissapears.

2. All players on my hotlist have been scouted once. As scout reports exists for limited time only -> how does this affect this new feauture? Will the scouts keep updating the scout-reports from now on?

3. How to scout the non-scouted players?


March 31, 2017 13:26

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Answers to your questions Tukmans:

1. That was on purpose because I’ve added this info as an urgent fix after realising it needed improvement due to the effect on scout searches that was introduced.

2. For now once the scout report expires the hotlisted player will start negatively impacting the current scout searches. This has been raised by another manager and we have in our list to change the scout search logic so that it tries to first match the search criteria against existing scout reports that are closer to expiring and, if the player passes the criteria, refreshes the report so that it doesn’t expire.

3. There is no way at the moment to request a scout report for a specific player.

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