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Player traits need changing

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February 16, 2017 18:44

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After watching players get different traits I’ve decided they need to be changed. For example:

Plays better/worse in second half only, it’s useless and unrealistic.

Players should have traits like

Free kick specialist
Penalty specialist
Power header
Power shot
Loyal (happy to stay at club)
Resilient defender (good tackler)
Leader (extra captain points)

I had loads more but I’ve forgotten now I’m trying to write them down lol


Aggressive (fouls etc)
Controversial (may upset other players)
Ambitious (hard to tie down to long deals, may wish to move)
Low self belief (not great in important games)

Again more could be added but it would make traits more important


February 16, 2017 23:07

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Thanks a lot Joseppi! I’ve added this list to an enhancement task in our list of features. Not sure we should remove the one you dislike, I’ve seen some players that seemed to play better as subs in real life :-D

In any case, these are nice suggestions!


February 17, 2017 07:59

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Ah I meant to add in Super Sub! Lol coming off the bench to boosted stats :)

Maybe you just need to word the traits differently lol


March 03, 2017 11:10

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I have been reviewing the traits you’ve proposed Joseppi and most of them involve boosting a particular skill (tackle, shooting, header)…I’m just unsure about doing this instead of simply increasing the skill itself, it’s kinda misleading or maybe confusing to make the manager look in two places (trai + skill) to determine how good the player is at tackling/heading/shooting for example.

For example, if my player has Power Shooter and 91 in Shooting, does it mean that in practice he has more than 91? Or that his 91 includes his Power Shooter trait.

What do you (and others as well) think?


March 03, 2017 16:01

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Agree with you Gabriel, skills should not be directly affected by traits

Selecting here a list of the ones Joseppi proposed and I liked:

Free kick specialist
Penalty specialist
Power shot -> could be something like “long distance shots”?
Loyal (happy to stay at club) -
> boosts own morale
Leader (extra captain points) —> boosts other’s morale

Aggressive -> already exists as more likely to get cards
Controversial (may upset other players) -
> opposite of leader
Low self belief (not great in important games) —> kind of exists, already

Corner Kick specialists
Plays better/worse in his home country/in his own continent


March 04, 2017 08:03

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Yeah I see what you mean.

Maybe powershot could be a better chance conversion rate when shooting?

As with all these traits I believe they should be rare, the player should have to play at least 100 games before revealing if they have a good trait.
Keep loads of random traits but the free kick ones etc should be hidden in the players growth?

I’m not sure to be honest how you can do it without making some players too good!

Maybe keep the ones that don’t boost stats, keep things more simple.


March 04, 2017 12:02

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Your suggestions with Fabio’s changes look interesting. Not too sure about FK and PK as these are still linked to stats. Corner kick specialist could be interesting. We do have things that boost stats, but in specific situations like “plays better against weaker teams” or “plays worse in international cups”.

At the moment it’s just random when each player will get their traits and every one will get one good and one bad if they improve all their steps in their lifetime. I’ll keep it simple for now and try to add the ones that are not directly linked to a single skill. If we add more complexity to the match engine in the future we can definitely add more complex traits to go with it.

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