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Contracting ex-players

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February 13, 2017 23:42

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What the the heck is this? There is a player on the market who did already play for me. Now, 10 years later, he appears to be interesting to me. Trying to enter the negotiation:

Cannot hire player whose previous club is yours.

Damn it. Practical examples:

Götze, Sahin, Kagawa at BvB, Nilmar (Alex, Ceara, …) at Inter. and so on …

This is crazy.



February 13, 2017 23:55

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It is and we’ll relax this limitation to consider just the last x seasons (maybe 2?).


February 14, 2017 00:12

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ok. Relax it … Maybe for loan on the first contract with the other team. But exclude this rule for players that already have renewed a contract or switched clubs …

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